The best indoor bike racks In 2020

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Cycling boosts living in small spaces are well aware of this puzzle: we would like our two-wheeler to be easy to access but we hate being caught in our wheels ten times a day. After 30 hours of research on dozens of indoor bike rack, we assembled and tested the 10 models that we thought were the most interesting, leaving our bikes there for days, sometimes even whole weeks. In the end, we established that for most cyclists, the storage system for two Michelangelo bikes from delta cycles was the most satisfactory bike storage rack. Very simple to install, this product is light and resistant and can support two bikes of any type.

Our Favourite:

Storage for two Michelangelo bikes from Delta Cycle:

The Michelangelo proved to be the best indoor bike rack to assemble than all the other products tested by us. We only needed a Phillips screwdriver and a drill to complete the assembly. Furthermore, it is a minimally invasive model, which requires only one screw to be attached to the wall. The manual strongly recommends mounting the bracket on the wall, but many people we spoke to didn’t bother doing it and never encountered any problems. Also, its ladder structure is made of thin but robust steel bars, which allow it to blend elegantly into your decor.
On the Michelangelo, the arms that support the bikes are movable, which makes it possible to place models with inclined tubes or complex frames with full suspension. This is one of the best Storage for two Michelangelo bikes from Delta Cycle 2020 to use for storing your bikes and bicycles. To reposition the arms, simply rotate them until they move freely. No tools are required, so this model is easier to adjust than the others once assembled as it has the bike wall mount. The Michelangelo even has two additional hooks dedicated to accessories, which allows, for example, hanging his helmet elsewhere than on the handlebars. So it is undoubtedly worth using an indoor bike rack.

Our Second Choice:

Steadyrack Classic support

Storing your bike vertically allows you to hang it on the wall behind a door or in a corner. Unlike some of the other vertical bike rack that we have tried, which require you to lift the bike well above the ground while turning its wheel to place it on a hook, the classic support by indoor bike rack unfolds like the old models of the ironing board. It is ideal Steadyrack Classic support for you to use. To position the bike on this support, just tilt it on its rear wheel and roll it forward until its wheel slides into the support, wide enough to accommodate an ATV. If our favorite bike carrier, the Michelangelo, is never available, this model is an almost as suitable alternative.

Another very good Choice:

The Ibera adjustable horizontal wall storage hook

If support without fixing is not suitable for your interior but you still want to hang your bike on the bike rack wall, the Ibera adjustable horizontal indoor bike rack is the product for you. This model is much customized: it is indeed possible to modify the height and the width of the arms of the support thanks to mechanisms with toothed wheel, and the arms are easy to keep well in place once one has found the ideal configuration and considered as a garage bike rack. It is best selling The Ibera adjustable horizontal wall storage hook. The bike rack itself is wall bike mounts with extendable bars, which allows you to adjust the distance between it and the wall, another very practical detail when you have little space at home. So it is one of the best vertical bike storage.

But Also:

the Velo Home support from Feedback Sports

If your walls are fully occupied by windows, doors, shelves and tables, the Velo home by Feedback Sports is a good indoor bike rack, which can stand up the bike to two bikes, which is probably the best option for you. It is possible to wedge it between the floor and the ceiling without using nails or screws. This product is one of the most affordable Velo Home support from Feedback Sports This rack can be used as a bike rack garage We can therefore also easily move it if we decide to change the location of the furniture. This column is solidly constructed and the arms can be adjusted to fit different kinds of bicycle frames.

Another Choice:

Racor’s B-1R Vertical Bike Rack

Of all the bike carriers tested by us, the Racor’s B-1R Vertical Bike Rack is one of the best indoor bike racks that has proven to be by far the simplest and cheapest hanging bike rack. It is a hook to install on the wall to hang the bike on the front wheel. Many users complain that they were unable to place their bikes with large wheels or bumpy tires on the C-shaped hook, which therefore makes the support less suitable for mountain bikes. It is a great Racor’s B-1R Vertical Bike Rack to use. However, that should not be a problem if you need a simple storage solution for a city bike. This is the best cheap bicycle wall mount.

The complete guide

Why trust us:

Our selection and evaluation method:

Our favorite bike carrier: the Michelangelo system for two bikes from Delta Cycle:

In vertical position: the Classic support by Steadyrack:

In horizontal position: the Ibera adjustable wall-mounted bike hooks:

For those who no longer have space on a wall: the Velo Home Support from Feedback Sports:

Another Choice: Racor’s B-1R Vertical Bike Rack


Why trust us:

As part of the writing of this guide, I conducted a survey among cyclists moving to San Francisco and New York – cities where infrastructure dedicated to bicycles is booming but where housing is shrinking – to find out how they protected their loyal steed from theft and the risk of tripping over it in their accommodation. I also interviewed some people who are specialists in indoor bike rack storage and bike storage ideas apartments and offices. Storing your bikes in an indoor bike rack is safer than outdoor bike storage. I spoke to many people to collect their bicycle storage ideas on storage solutions and to make sure that the fact hanging a bike by its front wheel was no problem, even if its rims are made of expensive and fragile carbon. I also hung out on specialized forums, listened to conversations about indoor bike racks, and combed through comments posted on Amazon and other e-commerce sites about the bike carriers I had heard of. Therefore, you can buy a Walmart bike rack or Amazon bike rack at very reasonable prices.
One of the advantages of my current apartment? The spacious garage, designed for two cars, which I share with my neighbor below because outdoor bicycle storage is stressful. The trouble was that when my bike collection started to grow a few years ago, I realized that I had to install wall brackets in the garage so that this famous neighbor could access his car without having to step over wheels and frames. This marked the beginning of my research on bicycle storage solutions. I have also worked as a journalist for the magazine press for almost 25 years and I have spent many hours evaluating many indoor bike racks.

Our selection and evaluation method:

Although there are half a dozen different kinds of products dedicated to an indoor bike rack, the quality models all have a few key elements: an indoor bicycle rack must be easy to assemble, thanks to well-designed parts that assemble securely. It must also be strong enough to allow you to put or hang your bike on it without worry. In addition, it must be versatile enough to support many different types of bikes. Finally, the support must be as discreet as possible, at least when the bike is not there.
Why are there so many different types of indoor bike carriers? Ideally, your bike will occupy what would otherwise be wasted space. As part of the development of this guide, we are interested in all types of models: the Walmart bike lock and bike hanging hooks from which bikes hang by the front wheel, the supports that support a bike or two horizontally passing under his / their upper tube, all parallel to the wall, as well as the hook and pulley systems to be fixed to the ceiling which allow the bicycle to be raised so that it frees the floor. We tested a stand-alone stand, supposed to stand up on its own, but in the end, we could not figure out in what situation a bike standing in the middle of the room would be useful, especially in a tight space. We, therefore, do not discuss this type of support here.
The prices of bike carriers range from around 10 to 200 dollars. It is possible to spend much more of this amount on this kind of product if we see the bike rack as a decorative object, or a sculpture, as much as a storage accessory. For example, the elegant knife and Saw bike rack, offered at around 300 dollars were designed for a bicycle with a thin, straight upper tube. Many other bicycle frames, therefore, cannot stand on it or look good.

In addition to design blogs and our discussions with experts, we scoured the bike carrier sheets on Amazon and Overstock, but also on specialized sites like Competitive Cyclist, and home organization sites like The Container Store and Wayfair. I also asked the cyclists around me for their opinions on the best products we had spotted, as well as their recommendations on any other storage idea that we might have overlooked. Finally, I tirelessly walked the aisles of the specialized Sea Otter and (late) Interbike Trade shows to be sure that I didn’t miss anything.
To start our comparative test, we eliminated the bicycle carriers that users complained about due to functional concerns.
I happened to receive an indoor bike rack accompanied by a hexagonal key or a flat metal key (nothing very elaborate) but we advise you to have at hand a set of BTR keys, a key wheel, a drill, hammer, and nail. Many users who ordered their product on Amazon complain about the unsuitable equipment delivered with their bike carrier: the screws were not long enough, the pegs fell from the place too easily and it was easy to damage cables accidentally. I did not encounter any problem during my tests with the bike carriers mentioned but if you have plasterboard walls at home, it is better to buy the sturdiest plugs you can find and a cable detector.

Our favorite bike carrier: the Michelangelo system for two bikes from Delta Cycle:


Storage for two Michelangelo bikes from Delta Cycle

Although the options are numerous, both for the choice to place your bike in an indoor bike rack in an apartment and on that of the types of existing bicycle carriers, we believe that the storage system for two Michelangelo bikes from Delta Cycles is the best choice for most people who want to store one or two bikes in a small apartment. If you have a free end of the wall that is wide enough to accommodate a bike (about 1m80), this is the model for you. This is one of the best MichelangeloStorage for two Michelangelo bikes from Delta Cycle. It is one of the best wall bike racks. This support is easy to install, it is light but robust and its arms can be adjusted and repositioned to adapt to any shape of the bicycle frame. Also, it requires little effort to assemble: if you stick to the assembly instructions, you only have to drill a single hole in the wall. If you need wall oriented bike rack then this wall mount bike rack is best for you to buy.
At first glance, the main elements of this storage system hardly seem capable of supporting a bicycle, so two, let’s not talk about it … Indeed, the steel bar is just over 2.5 cm in diameter and the ‘the segments are connected using simple cross-head screws. You have to slide the sliding part of each arm on the structure of the bike carrier and, once you have positioned the arm in the desired location, it is the friction generated by the plastic sleeve, which ensures its maintenance. The other end of the arm is flat and covered with rubber, which allows the bike frame not to slip or scratch. It is the best wall mounted bike rack to keep for your two-wheeler.
Despite the fragile-looking bars and the basic assembly method, this indoor bike rack is much more robust than the PLB-2R from Racor, the other model in the same category that we tested. The thicker steel bars of the latter do not assemble stably, which causes disturbing tremors. The Michelangelo is also more flexible than PLB-2R. Indeed, the latter needs to be placed perfectly against the wall and it is therefore impossible to use it in the presence of a picture rail for example. It is considered as the bike wall hanger. To know more about the product read our MichelangeloStorage for two Michelangelo bikes from Delta Cycle reviews.

It is possible to adjust the height of the arms on the Michelangelo when you assemble the indoor bike rack or later. It is not difficult to understand how to rotate the arms to reach the desired height. Moreover, on the new version of this model, there is not even to remember to reposition the O-ring under the base of the arm once the maneuver has been carried out since Delta has redesigned the structure and that it no longer has needed these items. One arm can even be positioned higher than the other can, which means that you can put a bicycle on the structure even if it has an inclined tube or no tube at all. This model is also sold with a pair of small hooks that slide on the carrier bars in the same way as the arms. So it is a great bike wall rack.
The complete installation of the structure took me about 20 minutes and I was not even completely focused. As I had doubts about the proper functioning of this bike rack, I installed it in my living room, I placed two 13.5 kg bikes in it and left it there for almost three months; none of them moved a single inch. Note: an indication on the box promises: “Tilt against the wall, no need to fix it!” “, information contradicted by the instructions found inside, which insist that the “wall stabilization chain” must be fixed to the indoor bike rack and the wall to avoid “accidental fall of the structure “. We recommend that you follow these instructions, especially if you have children or live in an earthquake-prone country. However, to be honest, I didn’t bother and never heard more than a clicking noise from the carrier. Its feet apart keep the center of gravity created between the structure and the bikes close to the wall, even when trying to pull the top of the structure towards you.
Who else liked this indoor bike rack? Or rather, who did not like it? It’s overall rating on Amazon was 4.3 stars (out of 5) on more than 1,000 ratings at the time we performed the tests and it is by far the most recommended product by cyclists I have interviewed. It is worth using wall bicycle mount. It is undoubtedly the best Michelangelo bikes from Delta Cycle

Non-crippling faults

According to a user on Amazon, who is very tall, if you have large bikes, you may not be able to fit two on this structure. His solution? Combine one of his bikes with the much smaller one of his wife. The hooks are also easy to move when the bike carrier is moved around the room.

Notes on the long term

The members of the team performing long-term tests of the Michelangelo did not report any problems to us. Over the past year, one of them settled with his companion in possession of three Michelangelo he has been using carefree for five years. We also had feedback from a reader: one of the arms of his model had slipped after only 15 minutes of use; by examining the photos he had provided us, we noticed that he had forgotten to position the O-rings supposed to be placed under each arm. Delta has since modified the design of this model and these famous seals are no longer necessary. We have one of these new bike carriers in our possession and it works very well. However, we are continuing our evaluation to be completely certain.

In vertical position: the Classic support by Steadyrack:


Steadyrack Classic support:

If your walls can only accommodate a bike vertically you can use it as garage bike storage, that is to say, that you do not have much more space than the width of the handlebar of your steed, we advise you to bet on a wall support which allows hanging your bike by the front wheel, which, as our experts have told us enough, will not damage your two-wheeler. It is top Steadyrack Classic support to use.
In terms of vertical supports, we set our sights on the classic of Steady Steadyrack. If Michelangelo, our favorite product, is no longer available, this model is an almost as good alternative. Although it is not as nicely minimalist as the vertical bike hook that we tested, its design is better worked. It is considered the best bike rack for the garage. This model hugs the lower part of the front wheel, a system which has three major advantages: a wide choice of tire sizes can be slipped into it; the support pivots, which allows the bicycle to roll up to the wall and out of the way; positioning the bicycle on the support requires very little effort or maneuver.
If you can tilt your bike on its rear wheel (imagine a rearing horse), you can roll the front wheel to place it correctly. With the hooks, I had to lift my city bike relatively high to reach the hook with the end of the wheel, which was not very practical. When I tried to hook a cross or an ATV on the hook, I had to turn the wheel and the whole bike aside, while lifting them, to be able to wedge the thicker tires in the support. It is quickly tiring. When not in use, you can also fold this indoor bike rack so that it is almost flat against the wall, which is a major positive for small apartments. If you want to use the pivot capacity offered by the bike carrier, we strongly recommend that you install the rear wheel stabilizer this will keep the bike upright and prevent the rear wheel from slipping in all directions. So it can be proved as the best vertical bike stand. If you want to know all about this product, you should read our best Steadyrack Classic support reviews.

Non-crippling faults

This bike rack is undeniably more complicated to attach to the wall than a hook. It must be placed on the ground and aligned with the bicycle (which also means that another person may be necessary to hold the bicycle) to know how far from the wall to place the support. It is very easy to install it upside down by mistake, even if the indication “TOP” is written at the end of the metal base. This includes four mounting holes on each end but is only sold with four screws. Finally, a mudguard bike cannot be placed on the Steadyrack Classic. However, the manufacturer recently launched a slightly more expensive version suitable for bikes with mud flaps, as well as a version for large wheels, to address these problems.

In horizontal position: the Ibera adjustable wall-mounted bike hooks:


If the structures without fixing are not what you are looking for but you want to position your bike parallel to the wall, your best option is the adjustable horizontal indoor bike rack from Ibera. The biggest advantage of using the Ibera? His arms are very adjustable; you can adjust both so that they are high, wide and straight (for the horizontal upper tube of a large bike) or so that they are both low and closer to each other but always in position horizontal (for the horizontal upper tube of a smaller bike), or so that there is one at the top and one at the bottom. This is the best Ibera adjustable wall-mounted bike hook buy to hang your bicycle and bike.

A gear wheel mechanism allows you to move the arms of the structure when you need them and keep them in place, which gives high quality to this product if you share it with other people or if you use it for several bikes and for that, you should use wall-mounted hooks. The adjustable length bar (the metal tube that connects the structure to the wall) allows you to modify the distance from the wall. The minimum is 21.5 cm and the maximum 30.5 cm, which, when you add the width of the structure, gives enough space for all handlebars except for the widest handlebars of ATV. To know all about reading best Ibera adjustable wall-mounted bike hook reviews 2020.

Non-crippling faults

This structure gives the impression of being complicated to assemble and install, which is not the case, although the indications mention a 4 mm BTR key while it is 3 mm that you need. I had no problem with the structure, which I installed on a wooden wall, but some users have indicated on Amazon that the wall plugs sold with were too short. Some people who used the Ibera for their city bike also told us that the structure did not come as close to the wall, as they would have liked; there was always a 5 cm gap between the handlebars and the wall.

For those who no longer have space on a wall: the Velo Home Support from

Feedback Sports:

If you do not have a free wall but room in another part of the room, an adjustable column is certainly the most suitable option for storing your bike in an indoor bike rack. This type of structure supports one or two bikes horizontally, like support without fixing. As such, the Velo Home support from Feedback Sports is the most satisfactory product we have tested. You can use it is a bike storage garage.
Like the other adjustable column we tested (namely the BUA bike carrier from Gear Up ), the arms of the Velo Home bracket from Feedback Sports attach to small metal plates which slide in protrusions, on each side of the aluminum column. During assembly, the base of the arm and the plate are screwed together until the arm no longer moves. Unlike the column signed Gear Up, the sliding plates of the Velo Home support have small hooks that grip the base of each arm to prevent the plate from slipping when you accidentally let go by juggling between arms, screws, and screwdrivers. This is one of the top-rated Velo Home Support from Feedback Sports buys for your bikes.
This bar also gives an impression of greater strength than other similar products because it is a single piece with an insert at the top, which can be used to adjust the length of the column by 2.15 m to 3 m. Another advantage of this model: the upper part contains springs, it compresses when you push on it to position it then relaxes to wedge against the ceiling. The best place to store this rack is the garage because these types of racks are considered as bike racks for garage. To know more readout top-rated Velo Home Support from Feedback Sports reviews 2020.

Non-crippling faults

The instructions given in the box give the impression that the assembly of the column will be much more complicated than it is. The operation took me about half an hour and I was not doing several things at once, this time.

Another Choice: Racor’s B-1R Vertical Bike Rack


The Racor B-1R Vertical Bike Rack is one of the cheapest vertical storage options we have tried. To not spoil anything, this model is also among the simplest and most discreet with its white hook at the rubber end wedged at a base aimed at a post.
Unlike some of the other vertical indoor bike rack hooks available on the market, the Racor cheapest hanging with protection for the screws needed to attach the hook to the upright. (Some users of other hooks criticize this type of screw for damaging the tires on their bikes.) When I used the hook to store a relatively light bike with thin wheels and tires (23mm to be exact), I was able to pass the wheel and the tire through the hook without a problem. To know more read our best selling Racor’s B-1R Vertical Bike Rack reviews 2020.

Non-crippling faults

I had a hard time lifting a relatively heavy ATV as high as it needed for the time it took to hang on the hook. Even though the Racor website indicates that the hook works with tires up to 6 cm, my 5.3 cm tire was a bit compressed. If you need an affordable solution to hang your city or hybrid bike in a corner or behind a door, this hook is a suitable option. That said if you can afford (both space and money) to treat yourself to one of our other favorite products, don’t be shy.


It is unlikely that you will find yourself in a situation where a hoist, or a system of ropes and pulleys, proves to be the best indoor bike rack system for your bike. Most of these systems are relatively commercial bike racks and more difficult to install than the ones we mentioned earlier. Also, hoists are especially useful when you have very high ceilings. That is why we have not included these types of models in our recommendations. However, if you are looking for this type of bicycle storage, we recommend that you purchase the Gear Up indoor bike rack.

With a rope and pulley system as the Gear Up, bike floor stand offers; you have to install the two ceilings supports at the same distance as the distance between the handlebars and the saddle on your bike. A pair of claws hold the handlebars on either side of its base while another pair hangs under the saddle. The Gear Up model is the best hoist we have tested because of its two-string design. The first supports the front of the bike and the second supports the rear, which makes it easier to raise and lower the bike and to keep it in a horizontal position. This also slows down the inevitable wear and tear of each rope. The two other bicycle hoists to be fixed to the ceiling that we evaluated, the Racor Bicycle pulley and the easy bike lift by rad only have one rope each, not two, which means that the bikes do not stay horizontal when lifted. Among the recurring user reviews on Amazon for these two models that we dismissed is the fact that the claws of the hooks do not hang the bikes stable enough and that they sometimes slip. A bad point, of course.
The other non-fixing structure we tested, namely Racor’s PLB-2R Gravity Stand has an inclined bar that does not fit into the curved base correctly, which means that the entire structure swings from left to right, with or without a bike on it. The upper part is not positioned well in the bent bar either, which leaves a large space. Unlike Michelangelo, the Racor must be installed well against the wall, which means that it must be smooth (without moldings, for example). After I finished assembling the Racor, the upper part of the support had about 15.2 cm of play from left to right, and when I placed a bike on the lower support arms, the whole structure tilted towards the front, away from the wall. I did not dare to hang a second bike on the upper support arms. To top it all,
The Delta Leonardo wall hanging hook is similar in price and concept to Racor’s B-1R vertical bike rack but is less well designed. Even though the booklet says the hook fits tires up to 6.35 cm, dozens of Amazon users have reported being unable to use it with tires longer than 5 cm or with thick rims. I was able to position my ATV, which has a 5.33 cm front tire, on the support, but I wouldn’t want to have to do it every time I get home. Also, the screws of this structure are not countersunk, which worried some users. Indeed, the front tire of the bicycle could, in theory, rub against these screws and be damaged.
The other horizontal bike-only structure we tested, the Velo indoor bike stand from Feedback Sports, is the best apartment bike storage and is adjustable. That said, unlike the Ibera model, this support requires tools for adjustments. It is not very suitable for smaller bikes, since the arms do not adjust to the side but only up and down. They allow the best way to store bikes in the garage. A reflection that brings me to the most annoying defect of this model: as with the column Sports Feedback, the arms are attached to the base by a sliding system of the backplate in projections. And provide best bike storage solutions, However, these rear plates lack the hooks at the top and bottom which greatly facilitate the assembly of the Feedback Sports column. It is indeed very difficult to hold the plate in place when one holds the arm at the same time to try to screw them together. You can also go for many outdoor bike storage ideas but for indoor storage of bikes, you should go for bike racks for homes. Once assembled and installed, the GearUp BUA bike Carrier works properly but the assembly is not easy. As for the Feedback Sports column, the support arms are screwed to plates, which slide up and down via projections, placed on each side of the aluminum pillar. Unlike the plates in the Feedback Sports column, they do not have useful little hooks. The BUA also has two feet, which can be screwed down and up to, adjust the model precisely. The system works correctly but not as well as the spring system in the Feedback Sports column. Finally, the aluminum column of the BUA is sold in two parts (with an extendable upper section) which are screwed together. The structure gives the impression of being less solid than the Feedback Sports column sold, it. So it was all about the best indoor bike racks, which you can use to store your bicycles and bikes.