The Best Wireless Mouse Buyer Guide And Review In 2020

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Accessories, Electronics

After studying 42 wireless mouse and testing 14 of them, we concluded that the Logitech M720 Triathlon is the best wireless mouse for most users. It is more comfortable to handle than almost all other mouse tested, it can be easily connected via Bluetooth or using the supplied USB receiver, and it offers precise monitoring on most surfaces.

Our First Choice:

Logitech M720 Triathlon:

This best Logitech M720 Triathlon comes on the top of the list when we talk about the best wireless mouse. Thanks to its raised curve, the Logitech Triathlon easily accommodated itself in the hands of the testers and proved to be more comfortable than the competitors of the same price range. We had no difficulty connecting it to computers of Mac and Windows, via its USB receiver or Bluetooth. It can pair with three Bluetooth devices and quickly switch between them. And for that, it is considered as the best 2020 wireless mouse. Logitech says the Triathlon battery can last two years, we have been using one for about fifteen months and it is not weakening. It also has six programmable buttons, which you can customize using Logitech Options software, and a scroll wheel capable of switching from ratchet scrolling to free rotation. So it is one of the best wireless mouse to use.


Two Alternatives:

Logitech M585:

If the Logitech M720 Triathlon is not available, we recommend the Logitech M585 and M590. Both are added to the list of the best wireless mouse. Both have rounded backs at a height of 4 cm and our testers have generally found that they fit their hands as comfortably as the Triathlon, although they are a little smaller. They can connect to a USB receiver or pair with two Bluetooth devices, and Logitech announces a battery life of up to two years. This ideal Logitech M585 is affordable to purchase. The M585 and M590 have one less button than our first choice for best buy mouse wireless and you can customize each of their five keys in the Options software. Our panel preferred the M590’s quiet buttons, which provide sensory feedback without the noisy physical “click”, but the M585 is generally easier to find and more affordable best wireless mouse.


Our High-end Choice:

Logitech MX Master 2S

If you use a mouse throughout the day then this mouse will be proved as best buy a wireless mouse for you, we recommend the Logitech MX Master 2S, for its comfortable design, its buttons, and its thumbwheel. Almost a centimeter wider and longer than that of Triathlon, it proved to be comfortable for all the grips and all the structure of our panel, in particular for those with large hands. It costs twice the Triathlon, but its monitoring was even more precise during our tests. Like the Triathlon, it can be connected to three devices (via Bluetooth or the USB receiver) and switch from one to the other. This great Logitech MX Master 2S is easy to use and integrates with laptops and computers. The MX Master 2S rechargeable battery lasts for about two months on a single charge. It has six programmable keys, such as the Triathlon, which can be personalized using Logitech Options software,
The layout of the buttons under the thumbwheel is improved on the Logitech MX Master 3, which is slightly more comfortable to use, but it is too expensive at the time of writing for us to recommend it against the 2S. If it drops below 85 dollars, it will become the best wireless mouse for those who use it all day.


We Like Too:

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Our favorite portable model is the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S. It is smaller than most of the mouse tested the arch of its back is shorter than that of the Triathlon by about a centimeter so it is the best wireless mouse for small hands, but we found it comfortable and best wireless mouse to use over long periods. This top Logitech MX Anywhere 2S is comfortable and easy to use. Like all of our choices, it can be connected using a USB or Bluetooth receiver and can manage up to three wireless devices. Like the MX Master 2S, the Anywhere 2S has a battery that can last up to two months before it needs to be recharged. It has five programmable buttons and the Options software allows you to customize them according to your needs.


The research

Why trust us?

Our selection method

Our test Protocol

Our favorite wireless mouse: the Logitech M720 Triathlon

Two alternatives: the Logitech M585 and M590

A high-end mouse: the Logitech MX Master 2S

A more compact and mobile mouse: the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S


Why trust us?

In the past five years, we have spent 150 hours studying approximately 260 wireless mouse and testing more than 40 of them. I have been testing wireless mouse since 2017 and I have been using with our best wireless mouse models for two years. I also read many studies on hand sizes and computer ergonomics, and we came up with best ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse combo and I coordinated two panels of tests, one in Los-Angeles and the other in New York, to make myself better idea of what people are looking for when they want to buy the best wireless mouse.

Our selection method

Here are the main criteria you should pay attention to when buying the best wireless mouse, roughly in order of importance:


as it can vary depending on the size of the hands, we looked for the average measurements in adults. Based on anthropological data collected by the Research Institute, we combined the measurements of the hands of men and women. We have found that the average palm length is 10 cm and the average middle finger is 7.5 cm. Which makes them the best wireless mouse. Based on the rules of ergonomics we came up with the best wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse for daily use.

• Connection:

The signal must not be cut off during ordinary use at short distances. Some mouse operating at 2.4 GHz can only connect using a wireless USB receiver, while others only link via Bluetooth and still others support both systems. In 2020, Bluetooth is essential and all the receivers tested are in USB-A format, while many laptops only integrate USB-C. It is said that, the mouse managing both Bluetooth and a USB receiver are the most practical; they work in all situations which is the quality of the best wireless mouse. If your mouse uses a receiver, it must be as inconvenient as possible and a housing to transport it must be integrated. So your mouse should be the best handheld wireless mouse.

• Autonomy:

A good wireless mouse must be able to last at least two years on a disposable battery or two months on a battery charge. Changing batteries or putting the mouse to charge every four mornings is boring: if you notice that your mouse regularly requires energy, you should study other choices. So your mouse should be the best long-range wireless mouse.

• The buttons: 

Any wireless mouse must have at least the standard keys, left-click and right-click. We know that many users use the “back” and “next” button so we looked primarily for mouse with at least two keys for these additional functions. So it is very important to know what is the best wireless keyboard and mouse for you to use. We also noted the positioning of these and their approval of use.

• The software provided:

Very often, software accompanies the wireless mouse, to follow the battery charge and to personalize the buttons, the sensitivity, the acceleration, the scrolling speed, etc. For gaming, you need the best wireless gaming keyboard and mouse 2020 to function well. Many people don’t use this app, but it’s a nice bonus on the best wireless mouse.

• The sensor:

The mouse sensor must be able to follow movements with reliability and precision. The cursor should not stop or jump from one area of the screen to another. The mouse must also work on various surfaces in offices mainly, but also on soft or hard mousepads. Given that almost all the mouse tested in 2020 proved to be effective on most surfaces, we no longer consider this point as a selection criterion. There is the best wireless charging mouse pad in the market now which is how best to use.

Our test protocol:

I spent about a day of work testing each best wireless mouse, on a Windows and Mac laptop, to assess the comfort, the placement of the buttons and the software. I have also used them on various classic surfaces, a desk, a hard mouse pad, a soft mouse pad, and a floor, a large piece of fabric, glass, and mirrors. We used each mouse with the three grips to assess their comfort. So after performing all these tests, we reached a result that which are the best wireless keyboard and mouse.
In 2017, 2019 and 2020, we asked a panel of testers to use our candidates and to indicate what they liked and what they regretted after spending a few hours with each model. Each one measured his right hand from the base of the palm to that of the middle finger, from the base of the middle finger to its end, and from the tip of the thumb to that of the little finger, the hand extended to the maximum. Our panel offered hands of very varied dimensions, but the average measurements corresponded to those noted in other studies: 10 cm for the palm, 8.4 cm for the middle finger, 19.6 cm for the span.
So here are wireless mouse best buy 2020 which you can use:

Our favorite wireless mouse: the Logitech M720 Triathlon

Our first choice:

Logitech M720 Triathlon

For most users, the Logitech M720 Triathlon is the best wireless mouse as it is more comfortable to use than almost all the other models tested and can connect to three devices, either via Bluetooth or via the supplied USB receiver, and switch from one to the other quickly. Logitech announces that the Triathlon battery can last two years, we have been using the same mouse for fifteen months, and its battery is still not empty. This model also offers six programmable buttons, which can be personalized using Logitech Options software. And the wheel can go from a ratchet scroll to a free rotation. It can be considered as the best wireless gaming mouse in 2020.

I have been testing the Triathlon for three years, like our panel of testers, and we conclude that hands of any size find it comfortable. So it is a wireless mouse for large hands also. Users appreciate its curved back towards the back, it peaks at around 5 cm and slopes gently towards the front to lodge naturally in the palm. The Triathlon measures 7.4 cm in width and 11.4 cm in length. Its shape is reminiscent of the Logitech Marathon, which was our first choice for years until we started to require Bluetooth connection for the best wireless mouse. The four side buttons of the Triathlon as the two main are accessible. Also, it’s adherent matt plastic coating proved comfortable under the hands of the testers, without causing sweating.
The Triathlon comes with a 2.4 GHz USB “Unifying” receiver and can also pair with Bluetooth to a maximum of three devices. Even better, you can switch from one computer to another at the press of a button. By managing both the receiver and the Bluetooth, the Triathlon adapts to virtually any situation. You can also store the receiver under the mouse when not in use. So it is the best wireless mouse for cad.
Logitech announces that the Triathlon battery will operate for two years. We have used this model ourselves for many months in the past two years, and the Options software always reports that the battery is full. It has the best battery timing so this mouse is the best wireless mouse for graphic design. And can be the best wireless mac mouse when it is integrated with mac laptops or PCs. This best Logitech M720 Triathlon is undoubtedly best to use.
This best wireless mouse has eight buttons, counting the key used to change the application and the one that switches from one Bluetooth device to another. Options software allows you to customize most of them. The main buttons offer impeccable clicks; the side keys are responsive and easy to access. On the other hand, the button for changing the application, at the bottom of the thumb rest area, is spongier. So it gives the best performance. It is also considered as the best wireless mouse for left-handers. This best Logitech M720 Triathlon is best for all types of usages.


Options software is useful for monitoring battery status and customizing the sensitivity and speed of the pointer, as well as the direction, speed, and smoothness of scrolling. Some mouse tested, such as Amazon Basics and Vic Tsing, do not have associated software. The Triathlon works of course in plug-and-play if you do not need advanced customization, without the software, the side clicks of the wheel do not work, but all the other keys are functional. This mouse is versatile so because of its battery timing and performance it can come as best wireless keyboard and mouse for conference rooms.
The Triathlon also supports Logitech Flow software, which allows you to move the cursor on several computers on the same local network and even copy and paste from one to the other, including by mixing machines running Windows and Mac OS.
As usual with Logitech mouse, the Triathlon benefits from a one-year limited hardware warranty. In any case, most of the possible faults should appear within the first year of use. So it is good to use the best wireless keyboard and mouse for MacBook Pro and also the best wireless keyboard and mouse for windows 10. If you want to know all about this wireless mouse read our Logitech M720 Triathlon reviews.

Non-crippling faults

The Triathlon sensor offered precise tracking during our tests, but it does not work on glass. If this is unacceptable to you, study the Logitech MX Master 2S or the Logitech MX anywhere 2S.

Two alternatives: the Logitech M585 and M590

Two Alternatives:

Logitech M585

Logitech M590 Silent

If you can’t find the Triathlon, we recommend the Logitech M585. It is a little smaller, but the majority of our testers found its 4 cm high back just as comfortable and can come in the category of the best wireless mouse. Like the Triathlon, it connects via a USB receiver or Bluetooth, but it can only pair with two devices. Logitech announces two years of battery life. It has one less button than the Triathlon and each of its five keys can be customized thanks to Options. So it has great performance because of which it is a wireless mouse for photo editing and also for daily usage.
If you prefer a quieter wireless mouse, we recommend its twin, the Logitech M590. It is perfectly identical except for its buttons: they do not emit the loud click of the M585. Our testers appreciated the discretion of the M590’s keys, but it is generally more expensive and less widespread than the M585. Note, these two mouse are one of the rare models of Bluetooth mouse that can be used by a left-hander, thanks to their almost symmetrical design.

The M585 is more compact than the Triathlon and the MX Master 2S, but it remains comfortable. It’s curved back peaks a centimeter lower than that of the M720, but still supports the hand enough for prolonged use. With 6.4 cm in width and 10.4 cm in length, it is about a centimeter more compact than the Triathlon in all directions. Like the Triathlon, the M585 adapts to your palm: our testers found it more comfortable than the Logitech M510 and M310, as well as old favorites such as the Logitech Marathon and Performance MX. It also offers a matte plastic coating on the left and right sides, comfortable to touch and easy to hold, and the hard plastic on the upper side did not cause sweating or a sticky feeling. So you can use it as the best wireless keyboard mouse combo.
Logitech announces that the M585’s battery will last up to two years. We used it for about six months without having to replace its single AA battery, which you can easily change yourself. It can give you great performance and can be used as the best budget wireless gaming mouse. This best selling Logitech M590 Silent is best to buy and use for your usage.


The M585 has five buttons, responsive, easy to reach and reprogrammable just like the Triathlon, it allows you to use Logitech Options and Flow software to modify the functions of the keys and simply switch from one computer to another on the same network local, even managing copy and paste between the two. This Affordable Logitech M590 Silent is easy to afford for everyone.
The M585’s sensor was no problem: tracking was precise on most surfaces, but this model, like the Triathlon, does not work on glass or a mirror. The one year warranty is applicable. So you can buy it as the best wireless gaming mouse Reddit at the best price. If you want to know all about this mouse then read our best Logitech M590 Silent reviews.

A high-end mouse: the Logitech MX Master 2S

Our high-end choice:

Logitech MX Master 2S

If you use a mouse all day, we recommend that you invest a little more to get the Logitech MX Master 2S. Our panel found it comfortable, whatever the position, for all hands, especially the larger ones, the MX Master 2S is almost a centimeter wider and longer than the Triathlon. It is also twice as expensive, but for this price, it offered the best wireless mouse of all during our tests. The connection is quick and simple, via the USB receiver or Bluetooth, and it supports up to three devices. The MX Master 2S incorporates a rechargeable battery, which lasts approximately two months. A second wheel is placed under your thumb, and as our favorite, it offers six buttons that can be customized through Logitech Options software. If you want a gaming mouse at a low price then this is the best cheap wireless gaming mouse.
The new Logitech MX Master 3 has a handful of notable improvements. To start, the side keys have been moved: they are no longer next to the thumbwheel, but below. The charging port is a more modern USB-C, and an additional programmable button has appeared. To top it off, the scrolling mechanism is new; it appeared softer and less noisy during our tests. However, we do not recommend the additional expense of the MX Master 3. If its price drops below 85 dollars, it will become our recommended model for those who spend their day using their mouse.
That said, the profile and thumb rest of the MX Master 2S makes it particularly comfortable for several hours of use. For the past two years, our testers have appreciated its size, shape and soft-touch coating. Slightly larger than the Triathlon, it measures 8.6 cm in width, 12.7 cm in length and 5 cm in height (compared to 7.4 × 11.4 × 5 cm). It has therefore proven to be particularly comfortable for testers with large hands. It is one of the best ergonomic wireless mouse you can use for your daily usage of the mouse.


Like the Triathlon, the MX Master 2S can connect to three devices via Bluetooth and allows rapid switching from one to the other. If your computer is not equipped with Bluetooth or if you prefer a USB receiver, a Logitech Unifying is also provided, but be careful not to lose it: the mouse does not offer housing to store it, unlike most competitors. Disappointing.
The MX Master 2S’s built-in battery is not as durable as the Triathlon battery, Logitech only commits for seventy days between two recharges. You must then connect the mouse to the supplied Micro-USB cable, and you can use it during charging. We used it occasionally for periods of a few weeks and, each time, the software announced that it had consumed about a third of the battery: we, therefore, believe that it will effectively last seventy days. It is the best wireless gaming mouse 2020 at a low price.
The MX Master 2S offers six programmable controls, including the click wheel, a button built into the thumb rest and a second wheel on the side. By default, it manages horizontal scrolling, which is perfect for graphics or video editing; but in our case, we found that configuring it to switch between tabs in the web browser was life-changing. This is one of the top-rated Logitech MX Anywhere 2S 2020 to buy.
The first wheel of the MX Master 2S looks precise, but it does not have left to the right rocker. It allows you to switch from scrolling ratchets to the infinite rotation, using a reprogrammable button located just below. The Previous and Next keys are overlapped diagonally, which sometimes makes them inconvenient to use. And like on the Triathlon, the thumb rest button is spongy and difficult to press.
Like our other recommendations, the MX Master 2S manages Logitech Options and Flow, which allows you to move the cursor from one computer to another on the same network. It is also possible to copy and paste files from one machine to another. It is the best mouse that follows all the points of ergonomics so it comes in the category of best ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse.

The MX Master 2S uses the Logitech Dark-field sensor. Unlike the majority of mouse tested, including the Triathlon and the M585, the MX Master 2S worked perfectly on all surfaces tested, even the windows and mirrors. The limited hardware warranty lasts for one year. If you want to have all the necessary information about this wireless mouse then read our top-rated Logitech MX Master 2S reviews 2020.

A more compact and mobile mouse:

The Logitech MX Anywhere 2S


If you need a mouse that you can easily slip into a bag to go to the office, coffee or go on a trip, we recommend the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S. It is smaller than most of the mouse we tested and its back is about a centimeter shorter than that of the Triathlon, for which it is considered as the best wireless mouse you can take with you anywhere. Like all our choices, it connects to a receiver or directly via Bluetooth, and it provides up to three devices. Like the Master MX 2S, the Anywhere 2S has a rechargeable battery, which will last approximately two months before requesting a recharge. It has five programmable keys, which you can customize according to your tastes using the Options software. If you are using chrome-book then by integrating it with that it can be proved as the best wireless mouse for chrome-book. It is one of the best selling Logitech MX Anywhere 2S 2020 wireless mouse.
The Anywhere 2S is smaller than the other recommended models: 6.1 cm in width, 10 cm in length and 3.6 cm in height. The Triathlon, for example, is an inch longer in each direction. The Anywhere 2S is also lighter, 105 g instead of 140 g. However, in the past two years, most of our testers have loved using it. Although it uses the small Unifying receiver, it does not offer housing to store it. This can be a handicap for a portable mouse, especially if, like me, you tend to lose things. That said, unless the cover of your laptop is tight, the receiver is compact enough to be installed in a USB port. So it is the best wireless keyboard and mouse 2020 to use.


The built-in battery is expected to last at least seventy days on a single charge. It is much less than the battery of the Triathlon, which has lasted for years. Although we have never used Anywhere 2S for a full seventy days, we have used it for two weeks and Logitech Options always indicates that the battery is full. A Micro-USB cable is provided for easy charging. Which makes it the best wireless keyboard mouse.
Five keys are programmable, including one behind the wheel, which you can customize using the Options software. Note that the wheel itself does not perform the central click, unlike most of the models selected.
Like the MX Master 2S, the Anywhere 2S uses the Dark-field sensor, of more advanced technology. It, therefore, works well on all surfaces, including glass and mirrors. This mouse is one of the few Bluetooth models that can be used by a left-hander, thanks to its almost symmetrical design. If you want to know all about this wireless mouse then read our best selling Logitech MX Anywhere 2S reviews 2020.


We still love the Logitech Marathon M705, which was our best wireless mouse for over three years. Unfortunately, it only connects via the USB receiver. At a time when more and more laptops no longer have a USB-A port, we think that for most users, it is worth spending a little more for a mouse such as the Triathlon, which can also connect via Bluetooth. So for the best performance go for wireless gaming mouse best buy at affordable prices. But the Marathon remains extremely comfortable, its sensor ensures smooth tracking and its battery lasts for years. It is also guaranteed for three years, more than all of our current recommendations. If you are sure you do not need Bluetooth, you can buy the Marathon.
Other models requiring a USB receiver are less comfortable than the Marathon. This is the case of the Logitech M310 and M510, as well as the Ergonomic Mouse and Ergonomic Mouse with nano-receiver from Amazon Basics, or even the two versions of the VicTsing 2.4G mouse. If you want to buy a wireless mouse without Bluetooth, we recommend the Marathon instead.

We tested the Logitech MX Master 3 and we appreciated the improvements compared to the Master 2S: the Previous and Next keys are passed under the thumbwheel, which is more comfortable; the charging port is a more modern USB-C; it has one more programmable key, and its new wheel mechanism provides smoother quieter scrolling. That said, even if its price should logically drop in the coming months, it is too expensive for us at the moment. If it goes below 85 dollars, it will become the best mouse for heavy users. If you use a laptop then by using best buy a wireless mouse for a laptop it is easy for you to work on it.
The Logitech Performance Mouse MX was the preferred choice of panelists with big hands until the MX Master 2S stole the throne. Both are at a similar price and the testers with large fingers have found their comfort comparable. However, the Performance MX only connects via the USB receiver and its software is outdated.
The Microsoft Surface Edition Precision Mouse is almost as expensive as the Logitech MX Master 2S and, while very comfortable, users have reported connection issues, which some of our testers have also encountered. As it only connects via Bluetooth, without the possibility of using a receiver, you will have trouble solving a problem if necessary. If you are ready to spend a good sum for a wireless mouse, you would expect that it poses no problem of connection.
Our previous high-end choice, the Logitech MX Master, has given way to the Master 2S. Compared to the old version, the new one supports Flow software and its battery is more enduring: Logitech now announces seventy days instead of forty. If you are not interested in additional autonomy and Logitech Flow, the MX Master is the best choice for the best wireless mouse.
Our 2017 panel described the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse as the most comfortable mouse and praised its excellent wheel. That said, its original shape requires a very special grip, and our testers did not like the shiny surface, the spongy side button, nor the invasive Windows key. Those of them with small hands also found it too big, while the big hands judged it too small.

In three series of tests over the past four years, we have eliminated several wireless mouse that were too spongy, too flat, too long, or just plain uncomfortable to hold. Our panelists criticized their size, shape or comfort for the Tecknet Classic Wireless Mouse M002 and Pro 2.4G Ergonomic, for the VicTsing MM057 2.4G Portable, for the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse, Surface Arc Mouse, Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600, Designer Bluetooth, Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 and Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850, Apple Magic Mouse 2, Kensington SureTrack Any Surface and Logitech M535, MX Anywhere 2 and Wireless Mouse M525.
We also eliminated the Logitech M220 Silent, Logitech M330 Silent, HP X4000b Bluetooth and Microsoft Surface Mouse due to their lack of buttons. Finally, the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 does not differentiate between one finger and two-finger scans and, to the chagrin of our testers, it cannot be used during loading.
So by comparing all these mouse, we have categorized them into our different choices for the best wireless mouse. All have different specifications and features.


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