Best long range router

Best Wifi Long Range Routers 2019: Wireless Router Reviews & Buying Guide

Connection with friends, family, and relatives has become very essential and inherent part of modern life. Best long range router helps a user to stay connected. There are many factors that play an important role in rising of this trend, but the internet is the overarching element. However, while most businessmen claim that the power of social media and instant messaging played an important role in giving rise to this trend. Actually the concept of empowerment was the deeper dive in this issue.
The definition of connectivity, connection or being connected is that being empowered. This empowering enables businesses to earn money and provides service online, to advertise their brands, having a good relationship with clients and followers and much more. Its main advantage is that people can get more opportunities for a smaller investment and it also has a low cost. A user should consider this fact that connectivity is not a luxury and has become a necessity (for the above reason). When striving for success than skipping on this is no longer an option. One of need these days is a demand for the best long-distance wireless router because many people want a connection of the internet at their office and their home. Everyone has smart-phone; smart TV, laptop, desktop and all of the devices wants the internet. You may want a router. Router plays an important role in handling heavy traffic. Firstly, try to satisfy yourself about the area in which user plans to make use of the device, the coverage it will give you and a number of people need a connection to the router. There is the best long-range router in 2019.

Best long range router

The best long-range wireless routers in 2019

List of the best long-range router is:

1. The ASUS RT-AC88U


Nothing beats the best ASUS RT-AC88U 2019 from the company which names ASUS, just like a top router with a very good connection involving an extended span of time. With 1042-QAM technology, AC3100 router has an extraordinary and outstanding range. When a user uses a band of frequency 5GHz user can get a maximum transfer speed of 2100 MBps.


ASUS RT-AC88U range router is design with 4T4R antennas. By using this router user can easily link multiple devices at the same time to a power tool. This router has build-in 1.4 giga hertz multi-core, for fast USB data. The Wi-Fi router ensures users a smart connection. The smart connection offers the user a good loop ready to use. It also has Trend Micro. Abilities: It has ability to protect virus’s network. It also helps the user to manage use’s bandwidth with a parental control. For the best gaming experience this router has the Fast gaming accelerator inside it. The user can enjoy using the ASUS RT-AC88U best buy for online gaming. After buying AC3100, user can buy a cable, power adapter, and setup guide; support CD, four antennas which can be detached and has 2 years of warranty.
The AC3100 has 3.3 inch high, 11.8 inch width and 7.4 inch depth. It also has LED indicator. It also has a matte-black exterior with angular sides. Each LED light show these activities. Like, the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band, WAN connectivity, LAN connectivity, USB port activity and WPS protected setup. Best selling ASUS RT-AC88U router has Broadcom nitro AM technology. This feature has a Broadcom 1.4GHz dual core processor. It has two removable antennas and one found on each side of the router. At the back, there are multiple ports. It also has eight gigabit Ethernet port including WAN port, power jack and a USB 2.0 port. This router has reset button, power button and WPS button. The USB 3.0 port is placed on the front of the router. User can get loads of management features that are accessible through the mobile app. User can view the download speed and upload speed on the bandwidth monitor.
ASUS RT-AC88U is one of the best long range router and fastest router. When user using the 2.5GHz at 100 feet. Then they will get 102Mbps and 229 Mbps at close range. If user add a portable driver the performance is not impressive. While using the GB connection this router will gives the speed of 30Mbps when reading and writing is 34Mbps. The setup of this router is easy to understand.

ASUS’s RT-AC88U Router’s review

ASUS RT-AC88U (AC3100) is the best long-range router. This dual-band is with great features available at a great price. One of the best in the router is the user can connect different devices without giving up the bandwidth. For the best user interface, it has all the latest technology. It is one of the best among long-range routers.

What makes ASUS RT-AC88U (AC3100) Router unique?

ASUS RT-AC88U is one of the best longest range routers. By MU-MIMO technology, the router can serve multiple users at the same time. The device has several USB ports with several GB LAN port. With easy to use interface user can receive different management selections.

Important features and hardware

The ASUS RT-AC88U (AC3100) is one of the best long-range wireless routers. You can manage directly from a mobile device through AiCloud. Anyone can easily download the app in the Android and iOS device. In this router, another standout is the advanced settings available. This setting allows the user to create SSID names, also use authentication and select the security protocol. The best feature is the multi-user multiple inputs of multiple outputs. These features are able to handle different user’s bandwidth resourcefully. Another advantage for a user is the 8 GB LAN ports allowing the users to connect more wired devices. Use the first two ports to get fast 2Gbps transfer. If anyone needs a super-fast connection, this router is one of the best options.


Other features

• The wireless system includes USB ports, AiProtection, VPN server, and multiple guest networks.
• There is some standard include in this router i.e. 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and also include MU-MIMO.
• The bandwidth for the 5GHz it is 2167Mbps and also for the 2.4 GHz is 1000Mbps.
• This router has a two-year warranty.
• The unit has four detachable antennas, 1GB WAN port, 8GB LAN ports, 2.0 and 3.0 USB port.

Hardware requirements

To get a great ASUS RT-AC88U to work well user needs the following OS support
Like, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 1O.7, Mac OS X 10.8 and windows 8, 7 and 10.

Pros And Cons


  • The ASUS RT-AC88U best buy has a good power tool, its need of up gradation of the firmware.
  • It also has a user interface, user collaboration is very good.
  • It has menus and navigation of menus is easy.
  • Application is also available, by using application user can easily run the power tool.
  • It has an excellent and impressive band standard.


  • It has a need for up-gradation of the firmware.

2. Linksys WRT1900AC


Linksys WRT1900AC from the company named Linksys gives best-range connection. This connection involving an extended span has its ability to connect many devices in the home. This Linksys WRT1900ACS model is one of the best long-distance routers. User can customize this router according to their needs. The WRT1900ACS is ready to use out of the box. While anyone purchases the Linksys, they receive the power adapter, four antennas, setup guide, Ethernet cable, power cord, CD-ROM and a three-year warranty.

Linksys WRT1900ACS Review

The Linksys WRT1900ACS (AC1900) is one of the perfect dual-band router and one of the best long-range router. This router is one of the top 802.11ac networking routers with reasonable price. It has loads pf ports, great monitoring and powerful range.

What makes the WRT1900ACS unique?

Affordable Linksys WRT1900ACS has a fast processor with double the RAM. It has a fast performance with multi-user connections. It is able to give up to 1900AC Wi-Fi speed with the dual-band setup and four aerials. There are four GB Ethernet ports, one USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 port.

Prime features

The main feature of the Linksys router range is that the user can configure the router through the web browser or Android app and iOS. For both radio bands, the user can change the name of the network. Over one or both radio bands, the router can be set up to broadcast. It means that the user can use this router as a wired or wireless router. It has four antennas which are detachable.


Other features

• Linksys WRT1900ACS has four removable antennas. These antennas use as an external power adapter.
• This router has two radio bands the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
• Anyone can use this router as wired and wireless.
• It has the latest data link protocol IEEE 802.11a/ac/b/g/n
• The transfer rate is 1.3 gigabit per second.
Best Linksys wireless router has one WAN port and 5 GB Ethernet ports.
• This best long-range router is used as a wireless repeater, wireless router, access point, wired/ wireless bridge.
• This router has a two-year warranty.

When tested:

• Both bands like 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz delivered a total of 500.3 megabytes per second.
• When using the 2.4 GHz at 15-feet the transmission is 94.7 Mbps and the 5 GHz gives 403.8 Mbps.
• On the 2.4 GHz, at 50 to 140 feet the transmission is 21 Mbps.

What is in the box?

The Linksys WRT1900ACS 2019 Wi-Fi router has four antennas, Ethernet cable, CD-ROM, power adapter and quick start guide.

Linksys WRT1900AC

This router has four antennas which are connected externally and dual-fuel manner. User can fix the wire to adjust the indicator in large home or in a small office. For the transference of media, user may employ the five GHz of band giving approximately nearly thirteen hundred M-bytes ps for a normal daily use; user can also apply the 2.4 Giga-hertz band gives nearly 600 megabytes per second. This router consists of 1.6 GHz dual core, to transfer data at fast moving speed. User of this router can share the material with the USB ports of 2.0 as well as 3.0. This router has a parental control feature and manages the bandwidth.
The WRT1900ACS has a chubby design with the blue plastic cover. It has same shape as a sci-fi robot. This router stands on 4 rubber feet. This router has wireless router detachable antenna. User can move these antennas around to achieve the best signal strength. This router has four GB Ethernet ports, power socket, reset button, switch, WPS button, 2.0 and 3.0 USB port. This wireless router has 128MB of flash memory, 1.6GHz ARM processor, a 1.2GHz chip and 512MB of DDR3 RAM. AC1900 has no multi-user Multiple input multiple outputs. User can configure the Linksys with the smart Wi-Fi app to manage and monitor user’s home network. Cheap Linksys WRT1900ACS service allows the user to manage router from anywhere.
Linksys WRT1900ACS is one of the best long range router. This router is capable of transferring up to 600 megabytes per second while using 2.4GHz band. Linksys WRT1900ACS is wireless router with 8 Ethernet ports. When used in the 5 GHz band, user can get more than 1300 megabyte per second. This router uses beam forming technology. But it has lack of MU-MIMO ability for controlling traffic management.
When the router is connected to the software, it pushes the user in creating a smart wireless account to access the router. These same features also connect to the mobile app. It gives remote access to the device. Users found the interface a bit slow. But the layout is basic and has different features. User can use the smart Wi-Fi setup or the browser-based setup to install the router. User will need following this hardware like Window 7/8.1/10, MAC OS 10.X or higher, internet explorer, safari, Firefox and Google chrome.

Pros And Cons


  • This router has good speed and strong signal and is fastest range router.
  • It has a nice app for the iPhone to control the network.
  • It is quick and easy to set up.
  • It has excellent USB transfer.
  • It has opened WRT support.
  • It has powerful hardware and also has useful ports for different devices.
  • Its application is very powerful for managing and monitoring the network.


  • It has a large footprint.
  • It does not have MU-MIMO.
  • For MAC users, in this router, there is no Time Machine backup.
  • It is very blue in colour and it is also might be a turn-off for some users.

3. The TP-Link AC1900

TP-Link AC1900 is the best long-range router. It has a reasonable price with some awesome features. User can easily connect from a wired device to the wireless mobile devices. User can use the frequency of 2.4 GHz for their everyday tasks. They can use the band of 5 GHz for stream HD movies. Best selling TP-Link AC1900 product 2019 is designed with three detachable antennas. It also has a one GHz dual-core for the sake of good coverage. One of the best thing in this router, this is an extended range wireless router and have the ability to handle different devices at once. It has 2.0 as well as 3.0 USB port. User can easily share their content with different printers. It has beamforming which helps to locate the devices and connect them with a very strong connection. It also has two years of warranty.

The TP-Link AC1900

This router has beam forming technology. This technology helps to forward the wireless signal to Wi-Fi device. This router also supports 802.11ac standard wireless devices and other next generation Wi-Fi. User can use radio bands simultaneously to get more than 1.9Gbps bandwidth. It has three dual band antennas and is wireless router best signal strength. These antennas help you to remove upgrade with better ones. Antennas of this wide range wireless router give you unidirectional coverage. The router comprises a 1GHz dual core processor. User can easily share a media, files and local printer.
The TP-Link AC1900 buy looks great with the stylish gloss white finish and round edges. This unit does not have an industrial look. It has three antennas, user can remove it easily. On the top part of the router, a series of the lights display. A series of light displays internet connectivity, USB activity, power, line sync and more. It has four GB Ethernet ports and is router with detachable antenna. It has an assistant to use making the installation easier. By using this setting, user can easily get information about setting of the router. Its web interface is very simple. Another great thing is that all the ports labelled the WPS buttons, reset button, the USB 2.0 port and Ethernet socket. On the side of the router, there is another USB 3.0 port. The port is suitable to use with an external hard drive. Its external hard drive can be used for a file sharing.
TP-Link has both radio bands with a total of 1900Mbps speeds. By many users they could not achieve the 600Mbps as stated when using the 2.4 GHz. This extended range Wi-Fi router gives you excellent connections. When setting up this router in a large home the GHz band. It gives you a reliable connection over 5000 square feet. The 2.4 GHz band is also gives a reliable connection; it is able to handle up to 8000 square feet.

TP-Link AC1900 wireless router, it deserves a top spot for long-range speed and coverage. This one of the best long-range routers, if the user lives in a large home with loads of wireless devices this is the unit to have.

What makes the TP-Link AC1900 Distinctive?

AC1900 is one of the top long-range wireless routers. Anyone can purchase it easily. TP-Link AC1900 router has beamforming with USB 3.0 port. It has an awesome feature.


Other features

• The 3.0 USB is 10 times faster than using the 2.0 USB ports.
Best TP-Link AC1900 buy has dynamic DNS with VPM pass-thru.
• The package includes an inspection firewall with access controls for IP filter, MAC filter and schedules.
• On each radio band, this router designed with two guest network available.
• This router has a 1 Gig dual-core CPU. That dual-core CPU with 128 MB of RAM.
• The flash memory of this router is 16MB.
• This router has a two-year warranty.

Included in your purchase

The TP-Link AC1900 is a wireless router long range. It has three antennas. It has one Ethernet cable, power supply and power cord. Installation guide and CD are easily available of this router in the market.

Pros And Cons


  • TP-Link AC1900 long range wireless Wi-Fi router does not reboot itself and drop connection.
  • It delivers a strong and steady stream.
  • This router is affordable and its setup is a breeze.
  • It has excellent range and speed and is the best router for long-range.
  • This router also offers you the latest USB 3.0 port.
  • It also includes a remote mobile app.
  • This router also gives a reliable connection.


  • People do not take notice of their disadvantages.

4. The Portal AC2400


Portal AC2400 is the best long range router. User can use this router in the house which consists of three thousand sq ft. This router has nine internal antennas and may work with (IEEE) institute of electrical and electronic engineering 802.11 tools, for long-range coverage. There is an application easily available in the market, to manage a home network it can use on Android or iOS device. To set a router is a complicated task. This router just requires a few minutes. This is two wireless unit 4*4 waves. It uses the dual-band connectivity having a new 4.1 Bluetooth technology. This router consists of a fast lane patented distributed file system (DFS).

The Portal AC2400 WI-FI Router Review

The Portal AC2400 model is one of the best long-range Wi-Fi routers. It is one of the best systems available on the market. It has the ability to connect a lot of devices in a large home. This is the best long-range router to use in a large home. It is suitable to use in an apartment.

The Portal AC2400

The best long range router has ability to automatically move all tools to the good channel are available. With this channel, user can enjoy viewing 4 thousand videos, playing games online and fast downloading without any buffering. This router has two ports of 2.0 universal serial bus (USB). It helps user for sharing and storing data. In this router there are 4 WAN gigabit Ethernet ports and one LAN gigabit Ethernet port. User can get a guest control point with Smart phone alerts. Top portal AC2400 has three years of warranty.
The Portal AC2400 wireless router longest range spells out simplicity. This router has a white glossy finish. With a pillow shaped design. On the front panel there are no blinking lights. It has one top-mounted LED. The light gives you a steady green glow. There are no external antennas. It has nine build-in antennas. The portal AC2400 has long range modem router. At the back of the router, there is power cord, Gigabit five Ethernet ports and also has two USB 2.0 ports. One of the gigabit Ethernet ports is used for the modem. Other four used for wired devices. The wireless router does lack the 3.0 USB ports. 3.0 USB ports normally found in the latest devices. The power cords are 4-feet long. User can use the mobile app for displays a network map with icons and for certain tasks. These icons allow the user to access the internet, devices and shows connected guests.
The Portal AC2400 is one of the best long range router. It has a mesh wireless structure. This router achieves a speed of more than 540Mbps and as a Wi-Fi speed. Its top speed is 244Mbps. One of the important thing is the Portal offers you an exceptional range. When a user uses it as a single router in a residential area it covers about 2800 square feet. When a user use it as a mesh network using two units it easily covers 5000 square feet. The best long range router scores 83.2 Mbps, over the 2.4 GHz when used in the same room. It scores 65.4Mbps with the satellite node. Best selling Portal AC2400 reviews 2019 scores 75.8 Mbps at 30 foot on the main router. User can get a score of 45.6Mbps while using the nodes user can get a score of 45.6Mbps. At close range, the user uses the 5GHz band offer speed approximately 490Mbps. The router scores 232Mbps when used at 30-feet. When user use router with the portal nodes used in close range, user can get speed 233Mbps. It scores 177Mbps in 30 feet.
One of the great things is when setting up the Portal is that user needed to create an account. For iOS and Android, there is a Portal mobile app. But certain users found it a bit buggy. The one of the great thing is once these routers connected the included Bluetooth radio band. This Bluetooth radio band takes care of the set-up process via user’s smart phone. With systematic instruction the application steers user in the right direction. When the LED gives a blue light, user must have to wait for their mobile app to connect with it. The last task is to give user home network a password and also change the SSID name. For the dual band, the router then creates two Wi-Fi networks.
User must do the basic settings such as rename SSID. Then separate the radio bands, enable beam forming and enable the web interface. While another set allows user to access the firmware upgrade or restart user home network. It does not have a device prioritization option. It has no parental controls and has different range of routers. User can configure static routing, IP address, VPN client setting and MAC address for LAN and WAN for both bands and connected devices.

What makes the Portal AC2400 Router Unique?

The Portal AC2400 router has Fast Lane Technology and is the best Wi-Fi router for long-range. This technology helps the user access to frequencies within the 5GHz range. These frequencies are usually set aside for different purposes. Main purpose is to set aside for weather radar systems. Portal WI-Fi router review presents the user with channels that other wireless router cannot access. If the user lives in a huge building with loads of network traffic, this router is one of the best options. This router has a long-range modem and also has band-steering technology. This technology helps the router to automatically choose a less crowded radio band to avoid jamming from happening. Best Portal AC2400 does not allow the user to use mobile apps. But the task is limited.


Important Features

With this router, you get 4of 4 wave- 2 wireless connections with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. This device has nine internal high-quality antennas and has long-range router antenna. It also has both dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. There are some exclusive features are the Android and iOS app. This router also has two USB 2.0 ports to connect external devices. User can get the multi-user MIMO connectivity for high-speed streaming and online gaming. User can join up to two portals to extend the range approximately up to 6000 square feet. This best long range router has four WAN GB Ethernet ports, LAN and it also has 4 certified DFS Fast Lanes for seamless streaming. Once the routers set up user get the notification to their smartphone, guest access control, parental management and nonstop infringement. One of the best is that the Portal works with user current modem and network. This router has a secure WebUI. These wireless router ranges are compact and its weight is 1.6 pounds. The user gets a three-year warranty.

Included in the package

With router user can get power adapter, Ethernet cable and user guide also.

Pros And Cons


  • The app needs more work and it also solves user’s connectivity problems and bandwidth.
  • It also has the ability to enhance the performance of Wi-Fi.
  • It has very good speed and it also affordable. User can buy this best long-range router at a low price.
  • User can easily set up and manage the router.
  • It has very fast speed, is strong signal Wi-Fi router and has excellent Wi-Fi coverage.
  • It has a mobile app and also has a web interface.
  • This router has great modern design and also has internal antennas design.
  • This best long-range router gives you access to all 4 DFS frequencies.


  • This app needs up-gradation to improve its quality.
  • There is no 3.0 USB Port.
  • This router has no e-SATA port.
  • This router also has a lack of software features.

5. The NETGEAR Nighthawk X8


The NETGEAR Nighthawk X8 is a best long range router. It is one of the best options if a user wants a fast and reliable network speed. User may receive approximately 5.3 gigabytes per second. When a user uses a 2.4GHz then the user can get up to 1000 MBs per second. When the user uses the 5GHz then the user receives up to 2166 megabytes per second. This is a triple-band router. How long does a Netgear router last is a very good question, Netgear Nighthawk X8 has a warranty of one year. User may connect different devices to this router. When a user uses this router having an implemented Quad streaming, then the user can get a four data streaming per band. User may connect a different device with MU-MIMO technology. This router has six GB Ethernet ports. This router is a best long-range router for a home, workplace or small business.

Ideal NETGEAR Nighthawk X8 designs the device in such a way with four internal antennas and four external antennas. These X8 help user for amplifying of the range. Netgear r6220 range is 1.4GHz processor for a good performance Wi-Fi connection.


Pros And Cons


  • NETGEAR Nighthawk X8 has ability to runs many load of devices at once and is best long range router.
  • This router needs a lot of space.
  • This router is easy to set up and easy to use.


  • One of the main disadvantages of this router is, it is very expensive.
  • This router needs a huge lot of space.

6. The TP-Link AC5400


AC5400 from the company named (TP) twisted pair-Link’s is a best long range router; it is a router having 3 bands. User can get very fast speed occupied with 5400 megabytes per second with 2 bands one of them is 2.4 gigahertz and another one is 5GHz. One of the prime features of this device is that it has an MU-MIMO technology. This technology allows the user to connect many devices one at a time. Online games without buffering can be played by using this router. This device has a unique connection and is the best wireless router for distance.


It also has a 1.4 gigahertz central processing unit (CPU) in addition to 3 CPU. This device gives a user a nonstop connection. 2.0, As well as 3.0 ports, can be used with an outer drive for sharing files and storing data. This router has a different anti-virus whose name is TP-Link’s House Care. Top-rated TP-Link AC5400 reviews 2019 is one of the best long-range Wi-Fi routers. User can set up this router by using a personal (VPN) virtual private network server for browsing the web. Without using the subscription of a VPN, this router can access different files. This router consists of 8 antennas which are connected externally. It also has four GB LAN Ethernet cable. One of the best thing in this long-range Wi-Fi routers, it can cover about 1000 squares foot of compensation. User can receive a 2 year of warranty.

The TP-Link AC5400

Best TP-Link AC5400 reviews 2019 is battle tested. By using this router, user can enjoy 4K videos. As well as user can playing online games at the same time with the ultra fast 802.11ac. This router delivers lightning fast Wi-Fi. This wireless router with longest range Wi-Fi router has MU-MIMO WIFI technology. This router also has 4 stream and Nitro QAM technology. This technology has ability to deliver 5400NMbps Wi-Fi speed, over one 2.4GHz bands and another 5GHz bands. TP-Link AC5400 router also comes with the TP-Link home care antivirus. This antivirus has ability to protect all your devices on the network. This unique antivirus has ability to protect your all devices from the latest threads. Also gives the powerful security and parental controls. This router has MU-MIMO technology. This technology allows for high speed connections devoid of interruption. By using this technology user can enjoy faster range of Wi-Fi routers or all your devices. This router has 1.4 GHz dual core processor and its three processors also. This is a smart router that works with Amazon Alexa as well as IFTTT. The answer to the question of how long do wireless routers last is that upon purchase user can get two year warranty and a 24/7 technical support.
Like any other original product, TP-Link AC5400 also comes in a box. When you pull it out, then after compared to other routers of AC5400 then you will discover that it is obscenely compact. This router comes with up to eight antennas. These antennas will fold outwards from the unit’s base. Its performance is better than other routers. This long range wireless router 1000 feet is approximately 1.7 inches tall and less than 10 inches wide. One of the best things of this router is, it is slimmest router. This router can perfectly be fixed into a tight corner in your living room. User can even be mounted behind your desk easily. This router is actually so small. User can easily carry it with you wherever you go.
This long distance router is one of the fastest routers you can easily find today. User can connect through the 5GHz at short range. Download speed of this router is 100mb/s. its USB speed on the USB 3.0 port is so much faster than what most routers deliver.
This router long range is easily set up and very easy to use. The packages also come with an instruction manual. This instruction manual helps user for setting it up. User can watch videos that explain how you can set it up. User can also tour the company website. User can connect to Amazon Alexa as well as IFTTT.

TP-Link AC5400 for Home and Office

TP-Link AC5400 reviews 2019 plays an important role in connecting a home. Most of the internet service providers supply people with their longest range wireless router.

TP-Link AC5400 Review-Ultimate Choice among TP-Link

TP-Link AC5400 is the best long-range router in the market today. This router is very convenient and made using the latest technology. This router is wireless. This router will provide endless possibilities and benefits. This router is portable. This router is sure to allow the user to easy connection to the internet. It also allows for multiple connections. One router can connect too many devices with each of them having a distinctive IP address.


Best of the product

Best brand TP-Link AC5400 router is one of the best routers in the market, not only for its speed but also the design. This is enough reason to accord this router your time. There are myriad other benefits of this router. This router has enhanced functionality through the Home-care updates. Parent controls can be set. This has the ability to protect your devices in the network from harmful viruses. This router with the longest range also has a nice UI on mobile as well as desktop applications. This router has a great 5 GHz performance. This is one of the smart routers that support Alexa and IFTTT.

Pros And Cons


  • It is one of the great wireless routers; it has no complaints compared to the other models.
  • User can get this router at amazing price.
  • This router delivers a strong signal.
  • It does not drop the connection.
  • It also works well with the Apple devices.
  • Setting up the router is very quick.
  • This router has the unique TP-Link Home Care anti-virus.


  • The main disadvantage of this router is, no complaints compared to the other models.

7. The Amplify HD Home Wi-Fi System


The Amplify HD Home Wi-Fi System is the best long range router. This router uses Mesh technology and is not any common device. This unit consists up of advanced antenna. These routers with external antenna have the ability to provide you with a large house with wide coverage. User can connect mobile devices in it along with the turbocharged connection. If a user faces a dead spots problem in the home or office the mesh point will help to eliminate the problem.

The Amplify HD Home WI-Fi System Reviews

The Amplify HD Home Wi-Fi System is the best long range router available. This router employs the latest mesh networking for your office and home. This system includes a dual-band cube along with two mesh points. User can plug into a power outlet. If the user lives in a large home then they need to extend your wireless network. Brand Amplify HD Home WI-Fi system reviews are perfect to get the job done. The mesh technology helps to do is extend the wireless signal. Throughout the home, the user can use the mesh point. It communicates directly with your device for coverage. While you roam around the home, the nodes offer you a seamless connection. This best-extended range router needs no configuration or management to use. The HD system is very easy to install and very easy to use. User can easily control their home network with the mobile app.

What makes the AmpliFi HD Home WI-Fi System Special?

Best selling AmpliFi HD Home WI-Fi System buy is a powerful device made by Ubiquity Networks. This device is good for the large home with loads of obstructions. The AmpliFi has six long-range antennas. With this Wi-Fi router, long-range antenna user can get coverage of approximately up to 20000 square feet. From the device itself, the speed is up to 1.75 gigabits per second and 1.75 gigabits per second for each mesh point. Then this will give you a total of 5.25 gigabit per second. Anyone can buy this system in a standard version for smaller homes.

The Amplify HD Home Wi-Fi System

This best long range router has a 2.0 port USB. 2.0 ports USB is great for sharing as well as storing data. Included user receives two mesh points. User can buy it separately if user needs extra points. User needs the power outlets in the home to connect it easily and without any hindrance. The long range Wi-Fi routers have been mapped out with touchable screen display. He cans DL the application from different items to control home networking. Using this application, user can check his performance. The device’s setting is very easy and quick. User can also get 1 year of warranty.
The design of this device is very beautiful as compare to the other routers. This best Wi-Fi router for distance has 3.9 inches height, 3.8 inches wide and 3.9 inches (D). The exterior has a nice white finish on the base. It also has LED lights. The six antennas are internal. The front of the device has a round. It also has full colour LCD touch screen. On the display screen user can view time, date and day. Once user taps the screen, the current internet speeds displayed. Then user will again tap the screen, you can access to the WAN IP addresses and current speeds. The top rated AmpliFi HD Home WI-Fi System buy best thing is power points. Do not need plugging into the router. It needs to stand close to a power outlet to work.
In this device the mesh points also have a two part design the antennas. It also has the three pronged base to connect to a power outlet. User can easy adjust the antennas reception with the ball and cradle magnetic design. The strength of the signal indicated on the antennas with five small blue lights. This router has 4 gigabit LAN ports and a WAN port and is best long range router. There is also an USB 2.0 port to connect external devices. At the bottom of this system you can find the reset button. This wireless router also designed with a CPU signal core with 802.11ac circuitry. The circuitry supports contain two bands, one is 2.4GHz and another is 5GHz. Three antennas are available for each band.

Important Features and Hardware

User can manage their home network with their Android or iOS device. This router also offers you automatic band steering. It helps to choose your radio band according to the load and location. This best long range router has another handy feature is that you can separate the two bands to use them as SSIDs. When using the app user gets an overview screen with performance, guest manages icons and Diagnose. User can turn the sound on/off, set it on night mode, and also adjust the LED brightness or more. Other settings include DHCP server setting, MAC address Cloning and port forwarding.
It does not have the quality of service. User cannot prioritize web traffic and parental controls.


Standout Features

• This wireless router is designed with a dual-band.
• On the base of the unit, there are four LAN ports and one WAN port.
• It has a Qualcomm chipset.
• There is 6 build in antennas.
• This router weight is approximately 14.46oz.
• It also includes a one year warranty.

Hardware requirements

This router is easily connected with mobile devices or PC. This best long range router supports this software Microsoft Vista, Google chrome 11.0, browsers or higher, Firefox 2.0, Mac OS, safari 1.4, widows 8, 7, 10, XP, Microsoft internet explorer, Linux 2000 and UNIX.

Included in the package

These things are include in the package with AmpliFi HD wireless router like two by mesh points, intuitive setup manual and all the required cables.

Pros And Cons


  • The mesh point does not need any table space.
  • This best long-distance wireless router is designed beautifully.
  • This router gives customer care of an excellent standard.
  • This long-range router Wi-Fi does not need complicated setup.
  • This router contains a double band order.


  • This router has no LAN ports on network points.

8. The ASUS RT-AC3200


The top-rated ASUS RT-AC3200 reviews are the fastest band. This router can automatically connect to different devices. This router also has two USB ports, one is universal serial bus 2.0 or another one is USB 3.0 ports. User can get a fine protection on a network with parental control and Trend Micro. User can also store their details on the 2.0 AiCloud and to share it with other visitors. This router has both bands 2.4 GHz and 5 gigahertz. Another benefit of this best long-distance Wi-Fi router is the user can manage a home area network right from smartphone to any other device.


This router has 6 external antennas. For good connectivity, it is a three-band router having 802.11 ac. One of the best thing in this router if buy an AC3200 gigabit router then you will also get the extra six detachable antennas, the RJ-45 Cable, setup guide, power adapter, supports a CD and warranty card. By using this Wi-Fi router with longest range user can get an amazing internet access point. The digital living network alliance (DLNA) can also give hiccups. This best long range router has a very easy installation process and is easy to use. It also has good signal strength.

The ASUS’s RT-AC3200 Router’s Review

The ASUS RT-AC3200 has excellent features, it has a VPN server and also connects to multiple internet sources. Asus home router offers you a tri-band. It means that you get one 2.4 GHz and two 5GHz frequency bands. The 2.4GHz frequency band supports all 802.11n/g/b wireless users. Another 5GHz frequency band access point supports 802.11ac/n/ wireless users.


The ASUS RT-AC3200 has six antennas, user can remove and replace if preferred. On the back, this router has 4 GB LAN port and 1 GB WAN port and is best long range router. On the back of the router, you find the 2.0 USB port and on the front, you find the 3.0 USB port. This used powerful hardware such as the Broadcom BCM4709 dual-core one GHz processor. The flash storage memory is 128MB. This longest range Wi-Fi router is easy to set up and easy to use. This long-range wireless router reviews price is very reasonable. You can manage and customize the router with different settings.

Prime features

Asus rt-ac88u router best buy has an interactive network map. This network map showing you all connected devices. You have the wireless setting, WAN and dynamic DNS. Another important feature is the adaptive quantity of service and the AiProtection. This Asus router range supports GB Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.11a/ac/b/g/n and Ethernet connection. The data transfer rate is approximately 3200 Mbps. User can get parental control and also get guest networking.


9. The NETGEAR R6220-100NAS


The NETGEAR R6220-100NAS is best for the avid gamer. This router is one of the best long range wireless routers for playing games and downloading videos. This unit has an 880 MegaHertz processor. This device has the ability to handle connection and also provides reliable connectivity to all viewers to enjoy and is best long range router. It also has external antennas. User can get 1200 Megabytes per seconds of speed.


This best long distance router offers you IPv6, quality of service, Digital Living Network Alliance TV and gaming support. User can use the genie application for the connection of devices. User can also use the printer for managing his home networks. The best thing in this long-range router, when a user buys this router then he can get a free power adapter, Ethernet cable, the start-up guide and a 1 year of warranty and is a best long-range router.

NETGEAR AC1200 Smart Wireless Router Reviews

A best NETGEAR AC1200 review is one of the top Wi-Fi routers. This device is very easy to install, easy to set up and has loads of management features. With the R6220, user can connect your desktop to mobile devices. By using this best long range router, the user can play games, share data, surf the internet and also stay in contact with family and friends.


On the top panel, this best long range router has a glossy black finish with the LED indicators. This router has 1.5 inches high, 9.4 inches wide and 7.2 inches (D) and is one of the best long range routers. On the back, there is on/off button, power on/off, it has different connection points from the WPS, 5 gigabit Ethernet port and USB 2.0 port. This wireless router with longest range has a MediaTek 880MHz processor with two bands. The 5GHz handles speed up to 867Mbps and 2.4GHz handles speed up to 300Mbps. User can connect storage device and printer to the USB 2.0 port. The downside is it is not as fast as the modern USB 3.0. USB 3.0 is more expensive.

Important Features

• You can use this router in a large home with the wide Wi-Fi performance of 300 Mbps plus 867 Mbps.
• User can connect multiple devices and also use them at the same time with both dual bands. (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
• This best long-range router has also five gigabit Ethernet port designed with auto-sensing technology.
• This best long range router also offers you double firewall protection, an SPI firewall and NAT.
• This router is very light in weight. Its weight is approximately 385 grams.
• The answer to how long do Wi-Fi routers last is that this router has two years of warranty.


10. Linksys AC5400:


By using Amazon Alexa a Wi-Fi router ranges works bests with it, for this a user should buy Linksys AC5400 from the company which names Linksys. This is the best long range router. This is a tri-band router as there is no buffering or lagging when a user downloads files or look at videos. This device switches to the best signal, by using a wired device which has eight-gigabit ports. A user can get an advanced WPS & WPA2 security system with an SPI firewall. This system is best to use in an office or home and is best long-range router.


If a user wants a powerful home network the Linksys AC5400 fits the bill. A router wit more specs will satisfy the user most. Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400 tri-band router is the fastest consumer routers on the planet. This longest range router takes up much room. For receiving a stream-less connection it has (MU-MIMO) Multi-user Multiple-input Multiple-output for connection of multiple devices. Linksys wireless routers best buy AC5400 consists of eight antennas and have USB 3.0 port for the wired connections. The best long-range router has a warranty of a 3-years and it gives you 24/7 technical support.

Powerful hardware, stellar performance:

Linksys AC5400 reviews is a tri-band router, with a combined Wi-Fi bandwidth of 5,333 megabits per second. It also has two 5GHz bands. The fastest Wi-Fi clients such as tablets, smartphones or laptops have just 1300 megabits per seconds. The answer to the question of which wireless router has the longest range is that Linksys 5400 has the longest range of around 150 feet. This router supports (MU-MIMO) so that it can handle the design Wi-Fi bandwidth efficiently. The Wi-Fi bandwidth in homes handles efficiently different speed grades. This router highest does not affect the speed of others. The best long range Wi-Fi router has a Wi-Fi speed of 700Mbps and its range is 15 feet. When a router is placed in a residential setting like having walls and obstacles, its range is around 150 feet. By testing of 48 hours, this router passed a stress test without any distraction or disconnections.

Gigabit Eight LAN ports, ‘seamless roaming’:

Eight Gigabit LAN ports is a top Wi-Fi router long range. Asus RT-AC88U is the router with many features. Four LAN ports are sufficient for most households. When a user wants to plug more wired devices into the network, it always has extra ports. The truth is network connections are always faster and is more reliable than Wi-Fi. The roaming feature allows Wi-Fi to move from one access point to another. Seamless roaming appears as a single network to the clients. If the Wi-Fi cannot cover every end and corner of the house than using an extender max-stream may extend the Wi-Fi network. Best selling Linksys AC5400 reviews features is one of the best.


The extremely bulky, familiar set of features:

This router has a large size. It has eight no detachable antennas, and it was difficult for a user to find a space in the room for this router. This best long range router has a weight of 3 pounds which is more than that of a typical router. This router measures about 9.5 by 11 by 2.2 inches. The most exciting and best feature of this Wi-Fi router with long range is its media prioritization. This media prioritization drags and drops a connected client between high and normal priority lists. Its high priority lists get faster access to the internet. This router is one of the few home routers that can block facebook and twitter.

Pros And Cons


  • The main advantage of Linksys AC5400 is that its range is very good.
  • This best long-range router has many advanced and new features for a user
  • This router’s setup is simple and quick for the normal users; this advanced setting may be a bit overload.
  • This wireless router with longest range has a setup alert.
  • This router has an eight gigabit LAN ports and also supports seamless roaming.
  • This Wi-Fi router range 1km has a stellar Wi-Fi performance and if a user needs to extend his network, the router’s parental control feature can block https websites.
  • This router has (MU-MIMO) Multi-user Multiple-input Multiple-output for connection of multiple devices.


  • The main disadvantage of Linksys AC5400 is that this advanced setting may be a bit overboard for a normal user.
  • This router is expensive and extremely bulky.
  • QCA based products, as well as MU-MIMO, does not work.

Should you buy it?

Linksys AC5400 is amazingly fast best long range router with a lot of useful and good features. But the thing is it may overkill. Top-rated Linksys AC5400 2019 has an advantage that you can move from one end to another end of the house and it does not get disconnected and even its speed does not get slow. In most cases, this router will not make your network slower.

Why you need a wireless router with a long-range:


A person can buy a Wi-Fi router in different ranges and brands which ranges from cheap to the more expensive. A person having a big house having a thick wall than a best long-range router will definitely provide a very good connection speed. A powerful device sends out a very good signal which penetrates in different places and directions and these are very effective. By having signal technology which is directional in nature, certain brands have a great capability of detection of placement of a router. The signal strengths of these best distance Wi-Fi router increase in that direction where the user has placed the router. It can be done where devices are connected in a manner. The wonderful features are available on your device your network works very fast.


Since the evolution of internet Wi-Fi is the most important invention, the importance of boosting a Wi-Fi’s loop is very important and is very strong as before. A long-distance Wi-Fi router is very important thing in every person’s life around the world, it plays an important role in building the connection between people and improves there a way of living. Imagine when a person is using the internet and suddenly its network get slows down and fails, this happens to every second person and on a daily basis. When seems very stressful when a person is doing online payments and transactions. It’s an opinion that people feel pressure when they are doing important work on the internet and suddenly internet speed slows down and all these issues come with good Wi-Fi connections. Thus the thing is having the best long-range router is very important for every person. A good Wi-Fi router enables a person to stay always up to date, but it will make the procedure much efficient and much faster. By using the best long range router a person can stay connected and he doesn’t need to stay on the computer, laptop and mobile. In order to avoid frustration, a person should boost his Wi-Fi’s signal which is associated with internet low speeds and also he may complete his work in a very good manner.

10 ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal:

Following are the ten ways by which you can boost your best long-range Wi-Fi signal in a more efficient way.

1. Don’t bury your router for aesthetics
2. Update your device regularly
3. Recycle the old router to a Wi-Fi Repeater
4. Find a good spot
5. Consider the frequency
6. Give your router its own special space
7. Enhance security by getting rid of freeloaders
8. Reboot your router regularly
9. Add an external antenna
10. Utilize beer cans to your advantage

• Proper placing of a router:

A best long-range router is a very good technique which keeps you up to date and connects to the internet 24 by 7. It does not mean that a person should look them at too. People often make a mistake that they hide it at the side of your house. When a router is under the cabin or basement or at that place that is at the lower place, this causes the waves of the router to strike the ground at a less angle. This result in a reduced network’s range and a person will experience a poor Wi-Fi signal.

• Update your device regularly

Whenever software is outdated the network slows down. This happens when a person does not consider updating long range Wi-Fi modem is important. Without a presence of dangerous malware, the routers which are with old firmware perform very badly than the routers which are regularly updated. By using a Wi-Fi modem users should keep this thing in mind that modem Wi-Fi is just not like the only last piece of the puzzle. By running the device on the latest software, there will always many software shortcomings and bugs on your device. In the modem settings, a person can upgrade the electronic equipment by putting the device on automatically updating mode.

• Recycling of router to a Repeater Wi-Fi:

Wi-Fi boosters, repeaters and extenders are basically the same things, even though they are referred by different names. To recycle the old router to a Wi-Fi repeater try to buy a cellular range booster. For this, you are not supposed to pay more money on this. You should turn your archaic router into a range extender, if and only if you are not willing to invest your money in it at all. You can get what you want inexpensively. The installation process is very simple and usually involves only one press of the WPS button. This can be done by using a dedicated Wi-Fi booster app that makes it easier to achieve the Wi-Fi performance which is best.

• Finding a reliable location:

A person often makes a mistake that they hide it at the corner of the house, near a wall somewhere that becomes a hindrance in detecting the range of a device. When a router is hidden under the table or basement or at that place that is much lower to the ground, this causes the signals to hit the ground at a lower angle. This result in a reduced range of the network and a person will experience a poor Wi-Fi signal. When someone talks about the range of the device, the place of a router in a home or workplace has a very significant role. If the distance of the best long-range router from the ground is 2-3 meters then it ensures that Wi-Fi range is spread out equally and evenly. A most suitable place in which a person can set his router is the open space. This statement does not mean that the router should be placed at the centre of the room. A person can adjust his router anywhere but the distance should be 2-3 feet around the router.

• Considering its frequency

By choosing the best long-range router a person should consider a frequency and it matters very much. It just depends on the type of modem that a person has. A device having a router which is dual-band, a person should select a 5 GHz of the band. The 5GHz wireless frequency provides data rates which are faster at a short distance. The 5GHz wireless frequency is less busy 2.4GHz wireless frequency. If a user’s router support’s this frequency than switch it for the short-range speed boost. It will not face any kind of interference or distraction. By doing this a user should go to administrative settings, then by selecting a channel he can get good coverage.

• Giving a router its special space

All places are not suitable for your wide range of routers. When a person talks about the radio waves, interference is a villain as it distorts everything up. A user should give the best place to his Wi-Fi router. The household devices that emit interference are waves, lamps, cell phones, metal objects, objects that emit electromagnetic waves and also electric wires emit interference which can cause Wi-Fi modem to stop working efficiently. A user should place Wi-Fi far from these kinds of such objects; he can slightly boost his wireless signal by elevating the signal about 2-3 feet above ground level. A user should also use a channel which has not as much intrusion.

• Enhancing security to get rid of hanger-on:

In order to get rid of freeloaders, a user should enhance his Wi-Fi security. Wi-Fi’s less speed also depends on the people’s number who are using the internet. The decreasing in the speed of Wi-Fi is directly proportional to how many numbers of people who are using a network. Bandwidth will be hog up if there is more than one person on the network. The condition can do more harm than good if a user’s Wi-Fi does not have a lock or password. People can use the internet at their cost. So in order to stay safe from this, a user should hide is visibility of Wi-Fi, he can do this by locking it or must set a very hard password so that no one can crack your password. If a user has a lot of guests, he should create a separate guest network, limits its range, protect it with different passwords and should often change the password.

• Reboot your router regularly

In order to boost your Wi-Fi signal, a user should reboot is router regularly. The working of a Wi-Fi router may seem difficult to handle but actually they are not difficult to configure. A simple rebooting may do well in much of time. If a user’s router does not work by continuously switching it on and off than rebooting is enough and good. By rebooting the entire device can be fixed the technical problem which is faced by best long range Wi-Fi router. The advantage of rebooting is that rebooting improves your Wi-Fi speed, clears the router’s memory and allows an update to install. A user should make a habit to reboot his Wi-Fi router once in a day.

• Adding the external antenna

In order to experience a stronger signal, a Wi-Fi user should use the external antenna instead of using an internal antenna. An external antenna should be used instead of an internal is always a good idea, because the external antenna sends a good and stronger signal. Many Wi-Fi routers come with small and weak antennas, the antennas that are powerful tend to be large. You should not take care of a large size. In order to avoid distraction, you can boost Wi-Fi at home or at your office without buying a new router. The antenna should be directional; a user should have an option of using a directional antenna except for a unidirectional antenna, in this way this antenna sends a signal in more than one direction and increases the quality of speed of a Wi-Fi.

• Utilization of beer cans for the sake of advantage

A person thinks of using beer if they have the need for a cold drink on very hot days. Soda, beer cans and tins are composed of aluminium which helps to reflect the signals of Wi-Fi more farther than ever the real router itself does. So he can use tinfoil for that purpose. In order to experience a good Wi-Fi signal of the best long-range router tinfoil is a better option.


If a user follows these tips and little tricks his Wi-Fi signals will work faster, more reliable, secure and best. To boost a signal of Wi-Fi is not a difficult job. Without buying a new long range router a user should have no problem in boosting his Wi-Fi network. Make this point clear that he should have Net Spot at his hand to check that the above points are valuable or not. In order to enjoy a very fast browsing speed, the above tricks are the best to use. I m sure that by getting to the number 10 your Wi-Fi will work faster than before. I hope so this article is helpful for you.