The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum In 2019

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The best Cordless stick Vacuum has a quality that, they are more convenient than plug-in vacuums. It is also true that cordless stick vacuums are expensive so it’s possible that some people can not afford them but still they are reliable and long-lasting. So you can buy Dyson if you want your rugs very clean as all you need from a vacuum is the best cleaning performance. Dyson V7 motorhead is the best stick cordless vacuum. Its cost is low.

Dyson V7 Motorhead

Best Dyson V7 is fine on rugs and slick design. This model has almost the same design as its competitors but it cleans the carpets much better than others. Also, they have very good battery life.
Dyson v7 motorhead has a good reputation as compare to its competitors if you want to pull deeply embedded dust out of your rugs or pet hair. So it is a recommendable vacuum.
If rug will be thick Dyson’s have great advantages. This is the reason that we recommend the best cordless stick vacuum. According to top-rated Dyson V7 reviews 2019. It may differ in some qualities if you compare it with other Dyson cordless vacuums. There are many reasons people like this product they have a good design with a battery that is built-in, skinny build and trigger style power. These vacuums are lightweight. Few more qualities make these best cordless stick vacuum more interesting like they are easy to use and store. Dyson vacuum cordless can start them in just a few seconds and empty them easily. You can also clean your shelves’ car or furniture by using it as a handheld vacuum. V7 is the best cordless stick vacuum and handheld vacuum.
V7 has 25 minutes of battery life on the standard power setting that is enough for homes. This battery life is also fine if you are using this cordless stick vacuum in a few rooms at a time rather than in one big session of cleansing.
The best cordless stick vacuum is available with a combination brush and a clip-on crevice. These vacuums are not long-lasting and expensive but convenient. If you want the best performance for cleaning rugs buy any model but Dyson V7 motorhead costs the least.

Dyson V8 Absolute

Best stick vacuum cordless has more run time and options. There is a price difference between Dyson v7 and Dyson v8 absolute cord-free vacuum
with add ons like extra cleaning tool and more battery life. Dyson v8 absolute has some special tools for cleaning bare floors and upholstery. Dyson v8 absolute best price is $400 from Amazon and if you want to buy from Walmart its price is $490. So if you are looking for a best cordless stick vacuum having qualities like longer run time or better bare floor performance you can buy Dyson’s V8 absolute. According to Dyson v8 reviews, It consists of tools that can handle a wider range of jobs. It’s run time is more than clean bare floors it consists of extra soft roller cleaning head and also a mini motorized brush for upholstery.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

This Ideal Dyson V11 consists of very interesting properties like it can clean your carpets better than plug-ins and according to surface. can automatically adjust suction. This best cordless vacuum is expensive than others but you will enjoy using this vacuum. According to best selling Dyson V11 reviews 2019 if you want to enjoy the best Dyson vacuum having wonderful qualities you can buy Dyson V11 toque drive with money. It is not reliable and the price is double than V7. you can use this cordless stick vacuum as a treat as its suctions are automatic as they adjust themselves when moves between different floors. So this model can save your battery also. So it is the best Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner that you can use. This Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner has another feature LCD screen that shows battery life and also has some useful tips and reminders.

Shark Ion F80 Multiflex:

If we see Shark ion F80 reviews,  This great Shark Ion F80 is one of the best choices for the people who don’t like Dyson. If you are using
shark ion f80, it will allow you to extend run time as it has a swappable battery pack and also an on/off button which helps the people having issues of hands and wrist. It has also dual roller cleaning head which is very good when you are working on bare floors or short rugs. Shark cordless stick vacuum is built opposite of Dyson and does not have such problems that users of Dyson’s face. As you can extend run time so you can clean more rooms in a single session. So shark can be a good option for you if you don’t like Dyson or you are no worries about carpet cleaning performance.

Hoover Linx

Best cordless stick vacuum has a low price and mostly used for easy jobs. This best cheap cordless stick vacuum has very solid reviews and works well on bare floors. But not like other handheld vacuums. If you do not want to spend much money on a cordless vacuum and you want to buy a budget-friendly best cordless stick vacuum then you can buy Hoover Linx. You should buy if you need not the only budget-friendly but also a cordless vacuum that can work on the bare floor than it is a good option for you. Affordable Hoover Linx can last longer than some Dyson stick vacuum that you buy on a discount.
Linx can not be used a handheld vacuum but you can store them very easily as it can stand up on its own, unlike its competitors.

The reason why you should trust us

It has been many years. I have to spend hundreds of hours on research on vacuums and testing them. I write about almost all vacuum guides like handheld, robots, and plugins. I’m writing this after testing 70 vacuums and 20 cordless models. To do my testing I have gotten other perspectives also.

• I asked from cordless vacuum owners.
• Also, get feedback from our readers about our picks.
• I have also visited many retail websites to scan vacuum reviews.
• I have visited other magazines like Good Housekeeping, Reviewed, consumer reports, and CNET to compare my findings.
• Also, get feedback from engineers and managers from different brands.
This guide is all for a best cordless stick vacuum.

Who should get this

Most of the best cordless vacuum sticks are used to be glorified dustbusters using their handles. They can help you to clean up crumbs in your kitchen or cat hair. But if you are using it for cleaning the whole house with carpets this is not going to work well.
But now you can have the best cordless stick vacuum by spending money and you can even use them in an entire house with carpets but few rooms at once. But the problem is the cordless stick vacuum is still very expensive and most of the models cost almost twice the price of plugins. And if you are buying a do it all best cordless stick vacuum, you can buy a good plug in to clean your carpets but also pet hair and other dirt. That is the reason it is not a smart money choice for a vacuum.

The best Upright and Canister Vacuums

After studying hundreds of hours about 525 vacuums we are at a point that Shark navigator lift away NV352 is the best cordless stick vacuum.
The best cordless stick vacuum is the one that is more convenient than other plugins. So if you are feeling so too lazy that you do not want to unwrap the cord or your cramped floor do not allow you to use a bulky machine around your furniture then your cordless vacuum should give you a relief and must act as a life changer. Many people are happy to use a cordless vacuum as it cleans better and in an easy way. And most of the people are willing to spend money on their vacuums rather than their carpets get too much dirty. If you compare the cordless stick vacuum
With cheap sticks like a robot or hand-held vacuums, the best cordless stick vacuum will have the best cleaning performance on rugs.
Most of the time cordless vacuum have double performance than other strong hand-held vacuums. Regardless of the floor best cordless stick vacuum can clean car, ceiling, shelves, window sills and furniture. But most of the low powered hand-held vacuum cannot perform these tasks.

If your carpets have loose loops or long fibers then cordless vacuums cannot do well but plug-ins can play role in that condition. The reason is cordless vacuums do not have an adjustable setting so you have to clean such surfaces than without choking the thread.
If you are in a mood of cleaning your whole house whenever you get out of the vacuum or you want to take your time for cleaning then you should go for a plug-in vacuum. the battery life of cordless vacuums has been improved but it is still not enough for some people who are living in very large houses and very concerned about cleaning performance.
If you want a vacuum that can help to manage your allergies and asthma then you should go for a bagged sealed vacuum, like canister vacuum having top-notch filtration facilities. But still, we have never seen such best cordless stick vacuum having these facilities.

How we Picked

We are trying to recommend you cordless vacuums that are used in most of the people and most houses and could be your only vacuum. The vacuum that can clean your carpet perfectly. We want to recommend you a best cordless stick vacuum having qualities like easy to use in many ways like dustbin emptying, charging, storage, bare floors cleaning, longevity like having the build quality, availability of different parts, customer service availability, warranty, and cost availability.
We have found three brands of best cordless stick vacuum that have excellent performance on the rug, Dyson, Tineco, and Shark. There are multiple brands sold by these models sold by these brands and these models advertise 300 watts of motor power and 100 air watts of suction.
So we test Shark ion f80, tine co A10 Master and Dyson V7 Motorhead. All these models have almost the same price. We have also tested some expensive models like Dyson V11 torque drive and tine co pure one S12 to check the reason of their eye-watering prices.

We have already tested Dyson cyclone v10 and Dyson V8 so we are not testing them again and also they are similar to V7 and V11 respectively. There is another model of shark called shark duo clean cordless. This Shark ion flex duo clean IF251 which is the older version of Ion f80 is available but not being made these.
After experiencing many cheap vacuums we can say that these cheap vacuums are not a good cleaner and not very reliable. So we are not going to waste anybody’s time just to figure cheap models that do not perform well. If you still want to buy an inexpensive that can clean bare-floor and that comfortable so Cheap Deik or Moosoo is the best option for you. You can check their reviews from Amazon.

How we Test Vacuums

For a couple of months, I let my low pile rugs (that covers 200 square feet of the floor) around the house to get dirty. The use of plug-ins was stopped and let the rug get dirty with cat hair and plenty of dirt. I used two vacuums one in each hand and start cleaning the rugs. Each vacuum was on its maximum suction brush-roll power setting. And test each of them after letting them get dirty for weeks and again vacuumed with a lower power setting.
I check the vacuum’s raw setting with a specialized gauge and learn that suction alone can not do well. Only some models have better cleaners but most of them consist of the same suction. On carpets, the action of brush roll is also crucial.
To do a particle test a pinch of rice was tossed on the floor and oatmeal onto the linoleum floor. Some big debris were snow plowed by the vacuum and others shoot the hard piece across the room. A solution for this problem is available but I was trying to check each model using the same setting. The reason is most of the people do not change the setting of their vacuum. I test everything like I used an iPhone app to check frequency and volume. And also noticed how each vacuum is stored and handled. I noticed that higher frequencies were was so unpleasant and annoying than lower ones and isolated frequencies were annoying too.
I tested both vacuums on its high and normal suction modes to check the battery life by running it on the medium-pile carpet. These conditions are harsh for the battery and battery results in a very short life.


If you are looking for a best cordless stick vacuum that is more convenient and you want your rugs very clean than there is nothing better choice than Dyson V7 Motorhead. This model of Dyson is most affordable than other models. It has more capability to suck the dust and even pet hair from rugs than other vacuums like Shark and tine co vacuums so we can call it the best cordless vacuum for pet hair. This best cordless stick vacuum is not loud and very easy to use as its best lightweight cordless stick vacuum.

Its battery time is not the longest but if you are cleaning one to two rooms at once it can be very useful instead of cleaning the whole house in a single session. Its replacement parts are also available. This cordless vacuum has also some flaws if you compare it with vacuums but V7 works well on bare floors. Some Dyson models do have some problems like trigger-style power and build-in battery that most of the people do not like. So if you want to go for another option Shark ion is the best option. But still, if you want cordless vacuum Dyson is a good option. If you want to clean your thick medium pile rug V7 works greatly in picking up dust and pet hair.
Although Tineco A10 consists of 100 air watts and shark ion have 300 motor watts but still, Dyson having 85 air watts beats its competitors.
According to observation vacuum gauge of V7 is 17-kilo pascals off suction and from the shark it is 21 k-Pa and 22 k-Pa from Tineco but the reason is V7 needs some maintenance when it heavily used and to go back to its full power. The brush roll is the main thing where we can get a cleaning advantage. If you compare it with Tineco brush diameter if V7 is almost the same but half than half power and less suction (almost 85watts versus 150 air watts). But we can say V7 still the best carpet cleaner between them. Almost all the cordless vacuums are easy to handle and use and are lightweight but V7 is one the best among all. Its weight is 5 pounds which is the same as tine co A10. This Dyson v7 is 3.5 lighter than the weight of shark ion F80. one of the most interesting things about this best cordless stick vacuum is that its steering is nimble so you can use it between or under the furniture.

There is another very good thing about V7 is that it consist of a very convenient dustbin it has a tab that can eject debris like a T-shirt cannon and also pulls the bin just like a transformer. There is also a problem that contraption may get stuck so may you have to dump the debris on the floor . but the truth is it is quite easier than other models having simple trap doors where you have to manually pull out hair that may be jammed inside the vacuum.
According to its noise tests on regular mode V7 is at 69 decibels. This is a reasonable volume just like Shark f80 Tineco A10 and its response of frequency was also comfortable. When it is on boost power mode its volume is at 74 decibels and also very high pitch which is louder than its competitors but it does not matter if you see its cleaning power.
When we talked about its battery it is enough to clean 2000 square feet home and in just a single charge. If you use this vacuum daily to clean a couple of rooms rather than the entire house its battery life will run out rarely.
We use brand new V7, its battery life was 28 minutes and it reduces to 24 minutes after passing one year and on its standard power setting(with cleaning head attached) becomes half of the regular use. According to Dyson, with a cleaning head, it will run only 20 minutes which is the shortest run time we have ever experienced.
When it is on boosted suction it only lasts for 6 minutes although it was brand new at that time. And when we restart it after 18 months it lasts for five minutes. This run tie is too short so you can reserve this for occasional clean or on your thick rugs. Shark vacuum cordless and Tineco these two have long run time as compare to Dyson. According to shark vacuum customer service and Tineco, their packs are swappable so their cleaning performance is much better than V7. but the best thing about the best cordless stick vacuum like Dyson is that you can clean rugs with significant fiber length but you cannot do this with shark and Tinoco.

To charge and store the V7 having a build-in battery is easy. It consists of a charging dock s if you want to save the space of floor you can screw it onto the wall and can show it as hanging wall art. You can also plug the charging jack into the vacuum directly and also shove into the closet is most convenient. The filter of V7 is washable and very reliable. You can clean out a clog or tangle as V7 can be used anywhere you want to clean. There is no need to replace the belt as its cleaning head uses a direct drive system to spin brush roll. You can swap new filter, roller or head at your home if major parts are out of order. the tool you need to do this job done is a screwdriver.

Problems but not deal breakers

Dyson has some problems according to users that it is run time is short and on high pile rugs its performance is mediocre and these problems are the same for all best cordless stick vacuum. You can buy a plugged vacuum if it sounds like a dealbreaker. There is another issue that Dyson’s face is that it is not reliable. Still, we can say that Dyson is a best cordless stick vacuum so if you want to replace your plugin a vacuum you should go for a Dyson cordless vacuum.

Other Dyson models V7 & V8

If you want to buy a vacuum having a good battery life and better cleaning on bare floors and V7 is not available in the market you can buy V8. any V7 has the same cleaning power and battery life like V7 motorhead but there are some individual variants like Dyson v7 Hepa or V7 fluffy. Dyson v7 HEPA and fluffy have different filters, tools and cleaning heads. On standard-setting V8 have 8 minutes extra battery life, one extra minute on the boosted power setting and the max mode it has stronger suction at 115 air watts as compared to V7. also V8 consists of a larger dustbin and cleaning head. Due to its larger battery, Its heft is 5 ounces extra. The best cordless stick vacuum V8 contains different variants having different filters, cleaning heads and tools.

Let’s see Dyson v7 vs v8.

There are some other models of Dyson with different properties. If we see Dyson v7 absolute it consists of bare floor head and mini motorized brush BUT V7 Hepa does not have these things. And have a battery life up to 30 minutes like V7 motorhead and V7 Hepa and contain dusting brush as well. V7 Hepa has also a Hepa filter. If we talk about V7 fluffy contain bare floor head but does have mini-motorized brush and battery is the same as its other models.
If we see Dyson v8 animal vs absolute and Dyson animal vacuumV8. dyson v8 animal+ cord-free stick vacuum is consists of a mini motorized brush but does not have bare floor head and battery life a better than Dyson animal cordless V7.
. its battery life is 40 minutes and also have a dusting brush. But we see Dyson V8 absolute it has both mini motorized brush and bare floor head brush but battery life is the same as Dyson v8 cordless vacuum animal.
V7 absolute and V8 absolute have standard cleaning head for carpet and the other head is with soft fabric roller that is used to clean bare floors and have very good performance. They also consist of a mini motorized brush to clean stairs and upholstery.

Upgrade pick Dyson V11 Torque drive

If you want a best cordless stick vacuum that has a good battery life, works well for both bare floors and carpets and most of the time convenient than Best Dyson V11 torque drive 2019 is the best option for you. The problem is it is expensive even does not have any good reputation for its reliability than the lower end Dyson model. But still this Dyson vacuum cordless is a well-known model.
It is brand new that is why we do not have an idea about its quirks but we have also read some reviews about It. Some people were complaining about its defective cleaning head so if you have no problem with that then, this is one of the best buy Dyson models.
The best value cordless stick vacuum has a very good feature that is auto mode. So this cordless stick vacuum ramps up the suction when senses it is on the rugs and eases back when on a floor. This best cordless stick vacuum is very strong enough to clean the carpets. So if you want it on different surfaces than you never have to swap things manually or adjust setting every time. So if you are confused between V7, V8, and V11 that which cordless stick vacuum is best than V11 is the best cleaner. its best property is, it consists of a super-powerful boost setting that can pull out a huge amount of dirt from your rugs. According to Dyson vacuum reviews, this Ideal Dyson V11 is the best cordless stick vacuum that one can buy. And because of our tests, it is better than some other plug-ins that we used.

This best Dyson cordless vacuum has LCD which is very useful and located at top of the best cordless stick vacuum. This LCD can solve your many problems like it shows the remaining battery life and also diagnoses if any problem occurs as if there is s clog or tangle. best cordless 2 in1 stick vacuum also tell you how to fix this problem easily. And reminds you if there is a need to clean the filter and may give suggestions about when you should stop using the boost mode all the time, this is so that battery can last long. So we can say that it is the best 2 in 1 cordless stick vacuum. If we talk about the battery life of this best cordless stick vacuum, it is not easy to say anything about the battery as its battery timing depends on the surface it is used like if you are using it in the house (bare floors) it will be up to 40 minutes and if the surface is different its life may be up to 30 minutes. On its boost mode battery life is 20 minutes whereas if on the eco mode it can go up to 60 minutes and 20 minutes for rugs. As V11 consists of extra battery and larger dust bin, it is heavier as compared to V7 and V8. as the weight is distributed well steering is not hard.
If you are not happy with the price of Best selling V11 torque drive Than you can go for Dyson cyclone V10 that offers these services for a few fewer dollars. This best product price is low.LCD is not available on this best cordless vacuums bit very good on rugs and bare floors, handling and battery are also the same.
There is another Dyson animal vacuum model, Great Dyson V11 Animal. This top-rated product price is less than the V11 torque drive and also the same auto mode but LCD and few tools are not available.

Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex

If you are not satisfied with some quirks of a best cordless stick vacuum, Dyson like build-in battery and trigger style power switch you can buy best selling Shark ion F80 MultiFlex 2019 or another best cordless stick vacuum Shark Ion X40.
These best cordless stick vacuum is good on short rugs and works well on bare floor.this best cordless stick vacuum can pick up big debris like breakfast cereals. unlike Dyson, these vacuums are not as effective at deep cleaning carpets as Dyson. These vacuums are heavy and hard to steer.
As many people don’t like some Dyson’s properties, according to best Shark ion reviews it seems purpose build. Shark stick vacuum consists of push it once the power button unlike Dyson with the squeeze-it-constantly trigger. Shark cordless vacuum runs on removable packs so you can buy them and also extend their run time .it is up to you.
Shark ion f80 can be folded along its shaft. So you can stand it up without any assistant or lean it against the wall.
Best Shark ion consists of a jack-of-all-trades and also dual brush cleaning head so it makes your cleaning performance effective on a bare floor and short rugs. its head has enough agitation that can pick up all hair and dust from the low pile carpets and flatweave. These best cordless stick vacuum can capture large amounts of hard debris from bare floors. Keep in mind that Dyson struggles to do this type of job.
According to shark ion stick vacuum reviews, some of the downsides are that it does not work well on thicker rugs. In a test on plush rugs, we noticed that shark ion f80 did not pick all the dust and hair. And when we used Dyson V7 motorhead at the same time the bin gets filled with hair and dust. If you want to clean your rug and carpets in a small amount and do not care about stubborn dust and hair and you have thicker and soft rugs than you can go for shark otherwise choose something stronger than Shark ion flex.
If we see shark vs Dyson, handling is not a strong suit of Shark ion. If you compare with Dyson V7 and V8 it is quite heavier bulkier and harder to steer. As its dual brush cleaning head is big so it is difficult to turn and fit into tight spots. its battery pack is big that makes its vacuum unit large and heavy. But it is convenient to use as you do not have to squeeze a trigger constantly. It is also comfortable if you are having wrist pain or nursing hand.

Hoover Linx

If you want to tide up crumbs in the kitchen or want to pick up stray tufts of pet hair from bare floors in a small amount than hoover Linx is the best option for you. The Hoover Linx price is low. top rated Hoover Linx buy in just a few dollars and also work well. This best cordless stick vacuum can be used in a rug free home. We suggest you spend on this best cordless stick vacuum, Hoover Linx as it is more reliable than other cheap best cordless stick vacuum.
This hoover cordless vacuum has been available since 2009 and recommended by wire-cutter since 2014.if we compare it legions of other cheap vacuums it is more durable. Cleaning performance and handling are good. If we compare it with its low price, hoover Linx battery is good.
Over the half past year, its owner rating becomes steady. And it may be a testament to its decent-ness. There are much best cordless stick vacuum costs less than Linx and most of them have effective cleaning performance. And all these look and handle like Dyson.
We also recommend some other vacuums instead of Linx over the years. But whenever we do that after nine months a lot of negative reviews start to pile up. We can not say are so reliable. it is may possible they may be very convenient and capable when they were new.
Indeed,best buy hoover Linx is not very invincible but it works well when it is brand new. It can work well for a few years unless and until its important and expensive parts fail. According to top-rated Hoover Linx reviews, most of the people feel worth to use this best cordless stick vacuum.
The first Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum that we tested in 2014 still works as the best cordless stick vacuum of 2019. we did not use it like a typical user but its suction was still adequate, brush rolls spin freely and still, its power switch works well. We must say maintenance is still easy like its bearing never jammed and still, we are using its original washable filter and also belt is in one piece.
There are few hair tangles in the brush roll and baffle tube and at the joint vacuum clogged a few times this is the point where the main body and cleaning head meet. These problems are not very serious and you can fix them using scissors or pipe cleaner within a few minutes.

If you do not use it for four months you have to replace the battery. this best stick vacuum Hoover genuine pack is of $60 but the cheaper third packs are available in just $40. All those parts that wear out easily like a belt, brush guard and belt are available at very reasonable prices. But we did by any of those.
Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum is for the light workload. and do not expect from this best cordless stick vacuum to clean your carpet or to pick up the hair of your three dogs.
If we say that this vacuum will work for a few years before its some important parts wear out, it means if you are using it about 30 minutes a week. A two-year guarantee is for defects not for wear and tear.
As compared to other best cordless stick vacuums Linx can not bee converted into a hand-held can not clean your shelves, furniture or car as it does not have a hose. So if you want to do a frequent or tough job you should buy a best cordless stick vacuum like Dyson and shark or go for a plug-in vacuum. Hoover has different versions but most of them have the same looks and the same machines. Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum offers most common versions like Linx Signature BH50020PC but if you find Hoover Linx cordless stick vacuum cleaner, bh50010 is the best option.

The Competition

After testing few Tineco cordless vacuums we are at the point that there is nothing special in them but decent.Tinoco A10 on short rugs did a respectable job and also a lightweight vacuum which is easy to steer.. this product competes on price with the best cordless stick vacuum Dyson V7. like Dyson, it consists of battery saving and trigger style as its power switch is the best of both worlds. There is no need for squeezing because you can lock it into the on position.
Like best cordless stick vacuum Dyson and shark consist of a raw suction. But the problem is it is not as effective as Dyson on bare floors and also, unlike shark it is not convenient on bare floors.
We still have no idea whether the brand will prove to be reputable. So if you do not have thick rugs and fine an A10 in small price less than $180.we also test some models like Tineco A10 master. It consists of two battery and two cleaning plans. You should buy Tineco A10 Hero if you want a better vacuum.
There is another best stick vacuum 2019 Tineco pure One S12, its price is a bit high and has some features like best cordless stick vacuum Dyson V11 like info display and auto mode. But according to best stick cordless vacuum reviews, there is no feature that offers its middling cleaning performance. If you compare it with Dyson V7 and V8 it is not as effective as these vacuums but its cost is higher than these best cordless stick vacuums.
According to this best selling Tineco pure One S12 reviews, it also has Wifi connectivity and also a companion app. This app will show you the information like the build-in display. We did not try it but according to Amazon reviewer that this app will be asked for contact access and also pictures on your cell phone.
There is another best upright cordless stick vacuum called Shark ion P50, Its design is different from other shark ion vacuum cleaners. When we were testing it in 2019 its cost was more than F80 although with no extra advantages in performance and usability. But we skip it and after that its price dropped. We will try in the future.
We have also tested the Bissell stick vacuum a few years ago. According to top rated Bissell AirRam 2019 Reviews, it has a good rating from many vacuums.
But Bissell cordless vacuum did not perform well on carpets and bare floors. You can not convert it to a handheld vacuum and handling is also stiff.

Tacony also makes many cordless vacuums but none are standout. They make them under simplicity and Riccar labels. But Simplicity cordless Freedom 2019 is very impressive. According to best Tacony reviews 2019,This cordless stick vacuum best price is $700. its steering is hard and heavier than best cordless stick vacuum like Dyson V11 torque drive.
It does not have a hose and you can not convert it into a handheld vacuum. Its brush is less aggressive and offers less suction also.
We wanted to test LG CordZero A9 but due to time constraints, we were not able to do so. According to CordZero A9 reviews 2019, it is a good vacuum and has a high price.
Most of the cordless vacuums are weak and made cheaply so we decided not to review them as we have already done a great job. And we do not have enough time to do so. So if you are curious why we do not mention some vacuums like dirt devil stick vac, deik cordless vacuum, other Bissels, Eureka, Deckor & black, dibea, Moosoo, Onson, and other Hoovers.
These all brand work fine on bare floors when they are brand new but their performance decrease over time and may not clean your rugs properly. And also they are not reliable.

Some features that make your Cordless vacuum great:

One of the important traits of the best cordless vacuum is Carpet cleaning.
Most of the cordless vacuums just tickle the top of the carpet and just pick up hair and crumbs that are at the top of the carpets. But best are those who can do deep cleaning of your carpets like great plug-ins models. If you want to know which cordless stick vacuum is best, test them. You should look at some features to know if the vacuum’s cleaning performance is best or not.
Indeed, the vacuum industry does not have a standard unit of measurement so it is quite tricky to quantify as Suction is one of the most important specifications of the vacuum cleaner. Some industries advertise only motor wattage, few of them use air watts and some Kilo-pascal. It is not possible to compare states on paper as all units measure different things.

According to our experience if your vacuums have at least 300 motor watts, 100 air watts or 21 kilo pascals you can get the best cleaning performance from your vacuum. There are also some other factors like Cleaning head and brush roll in carpet cleaning performance. It is not possible to quantify which is best in this context. Brush rolls having large diameters work better on rugs mostly when the rugs themselves get thicker. Cleaning head having high wattage also help in carpet cleaning performance. We are not sure about what is good for the cleaning head but we are saying after seeing the results.
It is easy to clean bare floors as compare to clean the carpets. Even cordless vacuums with less price are also good on bare floors most likely when vacuums are brand new.
It is also true that most of the vacuums that are good on carpets their performance are not good on bare floors. And the head can be terrific to suck dust out of the carpets that ride low to the ground so at the end they pick up bits of debris like breakfast cereal. It might possible that aggressive brush launches hard debris across the room instead of putting them into the bin or towards the intake. These are some reasons that make cordless stick vacuums risky so they can be used on tile or stones that you want not to be scratched or in case of delicate rugs that you do not want to shred or hardwood floors that you do not want to dull.
We have no idea about strong cordless vacuums having switches(on/off) for their brush rolls that is why it is not a good solution for this problem.
There are some solutions for this problem offered by some brands that to include or sell separately, a second cleaning head which will be purpose build for bare floors. The roll with no bristles wrapped in fabric(soft) works well with large debris and it guides the particles towards the intake. It can work greatly with fine debris made up of material as most dusters have. Its performance is gentle on delicate floors too. But the problem is you have to switch between these two heads manually. This is not a difficult job but when people are doing their chores most of them want to put some effort. these cordless vacuums are best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors.

To store the second head you will need a place. As there is no onboard option from any brand. Shark has an exception as is the cleaning head consist of both soft fabric and standard brush rolls in just a single unit. But you have to compromise on carpet cleaning performance and delicateness that you receive from vacuums having separate heads. Most of the best cordless stick vacuums are pleasant to use if you compare them with wrangling a bulky upright vacuum or canister vacuum that has a power cord. These vacuums are noisy but also lightweight and slim. But differences exist too:
Some models are heavy and some with trigger style power switch that is used to run a vacuum(squeeze constantly).
If you have hand pain, carpal tunnel or chronic pain you may be uncomfortable with that. Otherwise most of the people like both. If you use more than a few minutes this combination can be uncomfortable to use the vacuum. So if you are looking for a best cordless stick vacuum having better weight distribution and very good on/off you can buy them.
If you empty the dust bin, it may result in a gross misadventure with any kind of cordless vacuum. The majority of them have a very simple trap door. If you want gravity to take care of rest you need to follow these steps. First, hold the bin over the trash to watch the bottom swing open press the button. So if hairs wedged in a bin you have pulled it by hand to reach the hair.
These models indeed get finicky with time buy they eject contents forcefully. The reason is most of their moving parts start sticking. Debris may come back to the floor if you do not aim them properly.
Their storage is also different.
If you talk about their standing option, most of them cannot stand on their own and mostly they have a dock that screws onto the wall. This will help you to hang up the vacuum when not in use. The result is impressive but it might possible you are not interested in poking holes in your walls. There is an option for you, you can learn these models(wall hanging) against something and also shove them in a wardrobe with a door like a closet. You have another option to buy a cordless stick vacuum that can stand on its own or vacuum consist of the floor stand. The charging of batteries is also different. Some models are having build-in batteries it means you can plug-in your vacuum itself. The advantage of buying such a cordless stick vacuum is, there will be no chance of misplacing the battery of its charger. there are some people, who like to have models with swappable batteries(charge in the separate dock.

The best cordless stick vacuum like shark ion runs on swappable battery packs. This feature is crucial as the run time of the vacuum is extendable. Remember that you can extend your run time by purchasing extra packs.
According to cordless stick vacuum reviews, best models have the same durability, ease of maintenance, customer service, warranty coverage, longevity. But according to our tests, it is true it has been almost five years the first Best Dyson DC59/V6. the Dyson v6 cordless vacuum is still changing and includes in the young category. So you should have doubts about the person who is confident about, over time how today’s models will hold up.
According to our observation, Dyson v6 cordless vacuum with basic maintenance lasts for three to four years before the replacement of expensive parts like Dyson v6 battery and cleaning head.
The good thing about dyson v6 motorhead is the maintenance of this cordless stick vacuum is free of recurring costs. And no tool is required to do this job. There is no need to replace an ant belt in this dyson vacuum cordless.
. These pre-motor filters are washable and you can reach and clean where the clogs or tangles form. Longer warranties are offered by some brands than others but those are good like customer service. In this respect, some companies are very good at others. Some brands have third party pack batteries that are available than others. And in the long run, they can save money. You should search on Amazon to see which battery is available and what you can save from it.
If you live in a big house than its a trap to may too much attention on Battery life. You should expect 25 minutes of run time if you have a basic model of any cordless stick vacuum consists of enough cleaning power and that works well on rugs and bare floors. It is more than enough to clean home (1500 square feet) without any problem. If you are cleaning your few rooms at the same time this could be all the battery you need to do this job done. It is also true that you are using your best cordless vacuum stick on high powered mode can chop your vacuum’s battery life down to only six minutes.
If you want more battery life you can buy. Ten minutes are added in a run time of every Dyson’s successive model. You can take the example of the best stick vacuum cordless like Shark ion and Tineco. These brands have extra battery packs. But some batteries are still expensive like lithium batteries. NiMH and NiCD (Industry standard) have become a thing of a part. In the past few years, prices are now fallen significantly. Now every extra minute in run time can cost a few bucks.

Although filtration is not a major distinguishing factor in the world of best stick vacuum cordless it is very important for your health. The use of a properly maintained cordless stick vacuum can improve the quality of air in your house. It is also true that to obtain excellent air quality a cordless stick vacuum can never be the best tool even its filter is HEPA judging a cordless vacuum based on their filtration capabilities is not a good practice. The reason is if you are using the best cordless bagless stick vacuum whenever you empty its cordless vacuum it will send back all the debris or dust into the air or onto your clothes. So if you have asthma or severe allergies you should buy a high end Bagged vacuum which has a sealed system too.
I always love to have best cordless sticks vacuums with LED headlights build on cleaning head as these vacuums can help you to find strands of hair, debris on rugs and bare floors. This feature is not available in most of the cordless vacuums. We can call is a flaw but not a deal-breaker as it is not a very important feature. Some best cordless stick vacuums are having more tools and attachments than others. Almost every brand sells useful tools. And if the vacuum does have the tool of your choice you can but separately. If you are a pet owner you should buy a mini motorized tool as it is very effective at getting the hair off upholstery.

Are Dyson Cordless vacuums worth the money?

A lightweight Dyson cordless vacuum is having more worth than the other gold vacuums in most houses. Dyson is the best cordless stick vacuum for hardwood floors but it is much expensive than the other vacuums which have the same features but they cost less.

Are Cordless vacuums as good as corded?

Best cordless stick vacuum 2020 must be your best choice if you have bigger houses with a lot of rooms and kids. As corded vacuums don’t have any battery issue so they are best. On the other hand, cordless vacuum handheld with a lithium battery last longer but only the better quality vacuums can perform as well as a corded vacuum.

Is Hoover better than Dyson?

Hoover and Dyson both vacuums had performed well. Hoover offers different models than Dyson at different prices. Dyson is the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors but more expensive than Hoover. After testing both the vacuums we highly recommended Dyson to you because it offers a better performance of cleaning.

How often should you vacuum?

Some of the home experts recommend that floors and carpets should be vacuumed twice a week by using best-corded stick vacuum. If you have pets in the home than make sure daily vacuum cleaning is highly recommended to remove dirt, hairs and the minute microscopic allergens that are not visible by the naked eye.

What vacuum is better Dyson or shark?

Overall, Dyson offers better cleaning performance and more features. However shark cordless vacuum reviews are quite positive because of the considerably less price than Dyson, but still, it offers a fine level of suction strength that's why it is the best corded stick vacuum.


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